3 things you WILL need to raise money

You WILL Need To Raise Money

You WILL Need To Raise Money

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I’ve raised $125 million in the last 14 months….  And why am I telling you that?  Because you should be raising money too.  If you have some cause you care about, if you want to change something in the world, then you WILL need to raise money.

  • Want to help someone with their hospital bills? You’ll need to raise money.
  • Want to start a new business? You’re going to have to raise some money.
  • Want to run for a political office? You’ll need to raise money.

Any cause worth fighting for, any big goal that will impact this world, requires money. And that means you MUST learn how to raise money if you’re going to do what you have in mind.

I can tell you that while raising money is not easy, it’s doable

There are 3 things you WILL need to raise money:


What is it that you want to do? You need to be able to have a story to tell. Is it a worthwhile thing for other people to get involved in? Is it interesting to people?


You need to have people to tell your story to. The larger your audience, the more potential money you can raise.


You need a call to action. Where’s the urgency? Why should your audience act now? What will they get? Are you clear what you’re asking for?

Let me go through each of these 3 steps and show you how I’ve raised $125 million in 14 months….

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