How To Make $250,000 This Year

Make $250,000 This Year

How To Make $250,000 This Year?

What about this instead:  what would your income look like if every one of your salespeople make $250,000 this year?

There is still time for your people to realistically make $250,000 this year, but if it’s going to happen you need to get on Cardone University.

This will not happen unless everyone is skilled up and operating at their full potential.

If you’re happy with your income so far this year, do nothing.

But if you know you and your team could and should be doing more, check out Cardone University.

There are two things that need to happen right now.  First, you, as a manager, need to make sure you’re getting your game on.  Are you on cruise control right now?  Have you said out load recently, “We’re doing just fine?  We’re getting by?”  Are you satisfied?

If so, we need to handle that, level you up and get you refocused on creating something great!  We need you, the leader skilled up and as a leader, operating at your full potential first.

Cardone University has the tools and training you need to become the manager your salespeople will remember 20 years down the road.

Now let’s work on your sales team.

Do you want your people to fail?  Of course not.  For salespeople to be successful, they need consistency and they need constructive correction.

And look, your people are getting trained right now…  

Customers are using mobile and the internet to shop and buy and your salespeople are using mobile and the internet to consume information. 

Your company is a culture of learning no matter what. So if you’re not providing your people with daily solutions to handle today’s buyer with today’s technology, they’re going to get it somewhere. 

If you’re not training your people, who is?

With Cardone University you can have real skin in that game and you are able to participate in controlling a portion of the content going into your salespeople’s heads.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE:  If you want to see your salespeople make $250,000 this year, we can do that with roughly 15 minutes of daily training with Cardone U.  Which means less bad habits and more right actions.  And that equates out to more sales and higher profits with happier clients.

Bad Idea

Would it be a bad idea to just look at this program and maybe take it for a 7 day test drive?  See what you can do with it.  If it works, great.  If not, so what?  What could you possibly lose by doing something that gets you and your team better?

We have the right content and the right process and we’re giving it to you for free if you’re up for it.

Make $250,000 This Year