How to PROSPECT to DOMINATE your market

how to prospect

How to PROSPECT to DOMINATE your market

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  You need cutting-edge prospecting strategies to obtain and develop leads to ensure you can grow your business in any economy, but before you can get to the advanced stuff, you have to learn and understand the basics of prospecting. This skill will make you an invaluable asset to your company. Learn what prospecting is and why it is vital to your success.


The word prospecting comes from Latin, prospectus, which means, ” look out for; search for.” To prospect has 4 different meanings:

  1. Something expected, a possibility.
  2. Chances and financial expectations.
  3. Potential client or customer purchases.
  4. Location of minerals.

Looking for minerals where there is an actual deposit—the gold miner, silver miner, oil miner—these guys are out prospecting for a hole to discover whatever valuable thing they are after. People, sales, opportunities, attention, minerals, girls, guys, it’s all prospecting. If you want the right spouse, you have to go prospecting. When you want more clients and more money you have to go out and prospect and if you’re going to find the minerals, you have to prospect.

The definition of prospecting for a salesperson (all of us) is creating a potential customer or client for your product or service. I’m selling me every day. Some people think that’s wrong but I want people to know me. Without attention, they won’t buy my product or service.