How do you dominate?


A STERN WARNING FROM GRANT CARDONE:  How do you dominate?  It starts with your thinking.  How many times do we see people set goals and then either never get started or bail on them?

Frequently and regularly, most of us have been warned against setting goals “too high.”

The reality is that if you start small, you are probably going to go small.

People’s failure (myself and Grant included) to think big enough usually means they will never act big enough, often enough, or persistently enough!

After all, who gets excited about so-called realistic goals?

Indeed, most people are so apathetic about their goals that they only write them down once a year. As far as Grant’s concerned, nothing worth doing is done only once or twice a year. The things upon which your life depends most are based on the actions you take daily.

That is why you need to make sure to always do a things:

1) Write you goals down at least twice a day

2) Choose objectives that are just out of reach.

3) Word your goals as though you’ve already accomplished them.

4) Ask yourself whether the goals you have set are equal to your potential.

Most people will admit that their goals are well below their potential—because most of the world has been convinced, persuaded, and even educated to set small, attainable, and realistic goals.

Never set realistic goals; you can get a realistic life without setting goals for it.

Average goal setting cannot and will not fuel massive 10X actions.


In business, if the old saying is, “Competition is healthy,” the new saying is, “If competition is healthy, then domination is immunity!” From what I have seen, competing with others limits a person’s ability to think creatively because he or she is constantly watching what someone else is doing. Never make it your goal to compete. Instead, do everything you can to dominate your sector in order to avoid spending your time chasing someone else.

So, how do you dominate, you may wonder?

The first step is to decide to dominate. Then the best way to dominate is to do what others refuse to do. Do what they will not do, go where they will not go, and think and take actions in 10X quantities that they cannot comprehend.

The marketplace is brutal and will punish anyone and everyone who does not take the right amounts of action. Now is the time to shift into making your every thought and action aimed at dominating your sector, market, competition—and every thought of your potential clients. Never play by the agreed-upon norms within which others operate.

The rules, norms, and traditions of any group or industry are usually traps that prevent new ideas, higher levels of greatness, and domination.

You can always learn from those who want to compete; just don’t chase them.

Only when you begin to 10X your goals will you stop competing and begin to dominate!

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