Handling objections: not interested and just looking

How to handle objections like “not interested” and “just looking”

You’re at the point of contact with your prospect.  This can be a cold call, someone walking into a retail establishment or responding to an internet lead or inquiry.  The buyer is going to have a reaction.  You too are going to have a reaction.  How they react is theirs and you have little or no control over their initial reaction.  The good news here is that you have complete control over what comes next.

Grant Cardone Sales Training:  Handling Objections

The video you’re watching is taken from our cloud-based sales solution center.  This is a virtual library of over 1500 short training videos with testing, real-time accountability and live support.

This handling objections segment with Grant will help you and/or your sales team understand what business they are really in, why people are defensive, how to take control of the process from the get go and much more.

Exercises for after the video:

  • Discuss why understanding people is more important than understanding the product.
  • Make a list of the all the different fears your buyer might be having at the point of contact.
  • What are the 6 ways to make people comfortable?
  • List out the top 3 RDRs you hear all the time and create handlings
  • Role-play putting the buyer at ease by handling the RDR.

For Further Study:

  • Learn and master the number one rule of selling.  Understanding and being able to apply this one rule will catapult your sales into the stratosphere.
  • KNOW the exact formula for handling objections.  When you finally have a handle on this, there will never be an objection you can’t over come.
  • Become a certified MASTER NEGOTIATOR.  Grant’s Advanced Sales Negotiator course is the cloud-based solution you need to learn how to increase your income as a salesperson.

Grant Cardone Handling Objections