Grant Cardone’s Sales Training Tips

Sales Training TipsGrant Cardone’s Sales Training Tips

For salespeople on either Cardone University or Cardone On Demand, who want to take their game even higher, follow these four sales training tips…

These sales training tips are the exact training methods Grant has personally used to create real prosperity in his life and for his family.  Success is no different than any other skill.  You can learn it and you might as well learn from the best.

Keep in mind, success is no different than any other skill.  You can learn it and you might as well learn from the best.

Grant Cardone’s Training Diet or Regimen For You:

• Daily: Listen to sales-training programs while driving. Cover topics such as handling objections, generating ideas for calling clients, following up, closing tips, and the like.  Avoid hype and motivational material and focus on SALES oriented strategies specifically.

• Daily: Watch two to four video segments that cover some part of the sales process.  The guys in Grant’s office do a minimum of six segments a day before 9 am.  You up for that challenge?

• Daily: Role-play situations that you experience trouble with or find yourself withdrawing from.

• Daily: Use Grant as your personal coach throughout the day with our Handling Objections and Quick Fix Solutions. Due to technological advances, Grant can assist you in real-time to make more sales. This is vital because after losing a sale it is quite typical for you to make up wrong reasons for missing the sale and then get stuck with a wrong solution. With Quick Fix you can prepare for a sale, get assistance during the sale, and also correct yourself after each encounter.

The real question is, can you follow the plan?  Can you apply these sales training tips into your daily routine?  Would you like to test yourself for free before signing up?  If you want to see what you’re made of, call 310-777-0352 or CLICK HERE Mention this post for a free 14-day trial.


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