Grant Cardone’s Rules of Handling Objections

Grant Cardone’s Rules of Handling Objections

Grant Cardone has 14 rules to handling objections in negotiations and we are sharing that valuable information with you today.

You and your team can close 40% more deals and it starts with everyone fully understanding how to navigate the sale process and how to respond in ways that will help the customer decide to take action!

Most salespeople fail in the close because they simply do not have the words to say to handle buyer objections.

The lack of understanding in this area will inevitably cause an untrained salesperson to lose a customer, and at best use a discount as a way to entice a buyer decision. Only 10-20% of the time you are in a transaction is spent in the close, yet it is where 100% of your income as a salesperson comes from.

Bottom line, if you want to learn how to increase your income as a salesperson, you must learn to master the close.

The Handling Objections course in the Cardone U coaching program gives exact word tracks on how to handle sales objections.  Sales training word tracks given for handling objections such as

  • “I need to think about it”, “
  • The price is too high”,
  • “I need to talk to my spouse/manager/ supervisor/owner/Director”.

Nothing will cause a sales person to lose their confidence faster than not being able to handle the same problems over and over again and our Handling Objections course will equip your team with confidence in boosting rebuttals that are guaranteed to increase production!

When it comes to selling, there is a success formula and within this formula there are proven strategies which you can implement in your business starting today when you and your team take our Handling Objections coaching course.

Here are 14 helpful rules for handling objections in negotiations:

  1. Never give any one objection too much power.
  2. Never talk while the buyer objects.
  3. Never take an objection personally.
  4. Never handle more than one objection at a time.
  5. Never make verbal solutions or offers.
  6. Never abandon negotiations because of an objection.
  7. Never disagree with the buyer.
  8. Never confuse the person with the objection.
  9. Never believe objection will keep the buyer from buying.
  10. Never let the buyer get into a no-win situation.
  11. Never let the objection get you down.
  12. Never ignore an objection.
  13. Never quit communicating no matter what.
  14. Never blame the customer or other conditions for the objection.

Objections are never a reason to stop the deal but a reason to close your deal. Master the objection and you have a chance to master the close.

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