Grant Cardone’s 7 Tips To Close More Deals

Grant Cardone’s 7 Tips To Close More Deals

When I ask someone, “Do you want to close more sales?” the answer is always a resounding yes.  I’ve never had anyone say no to that.  How ever the tone changes when you ask, “are you willing to take the time and effort to actually learn how to close more deals?”

The reality of the situation is the diminishing production of the salesperson starts with and will always trace back to their inability to close the sale.   If a salesperson can’t close a deal and doesn’t know what to do when they get to the close then what is the point of prospecting?  Why even bother making cold calls when you can’t close an appointment?  Who’s going to persist in follow-up if they continue to fail in the close?

This is why so many salespeople continue to do less and less over their career.

Did you know that top producers outperform bottom producers by 10 to 1?  So, if you really want to close those extra deals, it will not just come to you because you call on more people.  You’ll get few…  that maybe what you’re doing now, but what if you actually learned how to be a better closer?

Regardless of where you’re at, do you have room for improvement?  What did I just say there?  Regardless of where you’re at, do you have room for improvement?  Can you think of time recently where you being a better close would have been really helpful?  How’d did you feel when you didn’t close that deal?  Do you have any negative connotations associated with being a better closing that you need to unravel?  I mean do you even deserve to be a better closer?  Are you willing to…  here we go again…  Are you willing to take the time and effort to actually learn how to close more deals?”

Here are seven things you can do to ensure you become a better closer:

ONE:  Make a Commitment to Greatness

You have to get committed to being great, not just average. Sales can be a painful profession for the average and bottom performers and massively rewarding for those that are great. Those that live, breathe, and eat their profession become great. There has never been a GREAT closer that wasn’t all in and completely consumed by his/her trade.  Do not think you’re the exception to that rule.  All great success is preceded by a commitment to being great reinforced each day by the continuing commitment to being great. If you aren’t great you are average and I know you don’t want that.

TWO:  Get Multiple and Creative Closing Strategies

The easy sales go down easy and the rest of them require extra effort and persistence. If you only have three or four strategies for closing the resistant buyer, you cannot stay in the transaction long enough to close.

Closing a deal is a lot like taking a trip, you are limited to the amount of gas you have in the tank.  Great closers will have more closing strategies in their tank than there are objections, stalls and reasons for not closing.

THREE:  Do Not Believe Price is the Issue

Buyers have been trained by the marketplace to use price as the way to define value. The great closer knows this and is an expert at handling the price issue.  Knowing “price” is almost never the real issue. If the buyer is certain the product or service will solve the problem they will pay the price.

The same customer that has a black American Express card stands in line at Starbucks to pay too much for coffee, spends $90 for a Pay Per View fight, and then complains about the cost of pizza and doesn’t want to tip the delivery guy. The price is never the real issue.  It is how well it is presented, how well does the buyer believe the value of your offer and does the value exceed the price.

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A great closer is convinced that price is never the reason people will not buy, no matter how many times their buyer says so. Price is a myth and it’s proven out every day by consumers, families, managers, and governments that are over budget. Everyone complains about the price and then spends more than they wanted.

FOUR:  Sell Your Story, Quit Buying the Customer’s Story

In every sale, someone gets closed. The question is always who is doing the selling and closing? Is it you selling why they should do it now or is the buyer selling you on why not?  Buying in to the customer’s story will always limit your production.  Now that doesn’t mean you should ignore the objection or lack any real empathy with their situation…  It also doesn’t mean you should avoid closing the transaction because of their situation.

Average producers have a bad habit of becoming convinced of the customer’s reasons for not buying and abandon their own belief in their product and company. 

Fix this one thing and your production will soar, but you will be required to have strategies to stay in the close. Remember, you don’t actually provide a service to your customer until you close the sale.

FIVE:  Learn How To Insist and Get the Close

Grant talks a lot about how we have all been made to believe that pressure is bad, wrong, rude, and unprofessional.  The reality is, pressure is necessary and vital to getting the extra sales closed and removing time from the sales cycle.

Pressure makes diamonds after all and Grant will do anything and everything to close my customer because he believes in his product and his offer.  How about you?  When you learn how to perfect the craft of insistence you can actually pressure a customer and they will admire you for it.

If you completely believe in your product, service, and your company, you must be willing to apply the right amount of pressure to make the extra sales and earn extra customers. If your purpose and mission are valuable, you have an obligation to insist, and yes, even pressure your buyer.

Grant talks about once he had a customer ask, “are you pressuring me?” At which point he shared, “no, but I am willing to go there because I know this is the best solution for you…  now let’s do this.”

SIX:  Tie Financial Goals to Closing Sales

Most Americans right now are barely just getting by financially. Did you know that before COVID, 76% of all Americans were living paycheck to paycheck?  Where’s that number now?

The bottom line is this: average is a failing formula.

Just getting by is painful, expensive and you need to knock it off. It is said that 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the business. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I know that just making it doesn’t work.  Period.

If you are struggling with the close, you may need to review your financial goals. Financial goals are tied in with what you want out of this life and when your financial needs are clear you will find yourself closing more sales. Make sure that you’re not just making a sales call to make a sales call, but to serve a customer by closing the sale.

SEVEN:  Train on Becoming a Closing Master

Great athletes know there is a difference between learning, practicing, performing and perfecting. The greats perfect their craft before they bring their game to the stadium. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill. The close is where the sales person get paid.

You don’t get paid to sell you get paid to close.

The basketball player gets paid to make the shot, not just show up on the court. Closing is a skill and it can be developed and crafted.

We have a complete program for professional salespeople that want to perfect their closing skills. It is filled with scripts where you can customize your closing techniques to your personal industry.

It’s all inside Cardone University.

Don’t believe that being a good salesperson takes no effort.  If you’re tired of average and it’s painful, it he checks are too small and the failures too often, you already know being average takes more effort than being great, so why haven’t you learned to be great at closing the sale?  Would you like to love sales even more?  Are you open to getting better yet?

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