Grant Cardone Sales Meetings

What does a Grant CarGrant Cardone Sales Meetingdone sales meeting look like?  More often than not, sales meetings can turn into an ineffective (boring) lectures.  They can wind up with the same repetitive messages over and over again.  Nobody wants thirty or forty minutes of pointing out failures and problems.  This is not a Grant Cardone sales meeting.  This also is not a very good way to start the day!  Grant will assure you that, “any sales meeting that is unplanned will quickly become punishment for those that have to attend.”

For Grant Cardone, sales meetings need to be effective.  They should be delivered daily and they should be delivered at the same time.  Making this decision and commitment to a consistent daily sales meeting allows the organization to have a standard way of opening the day.  This is what creates consistency and unity in a team.  95% of all sales managers agree they should do daily sales meetings but then they don’t because they lack fresh and compelling content.  This ultimately results in finding these meetings to be a waste of time. Here are the Top 4 strategies to help you have an effective Grant Cardone sales meeting.

Top 4 Strategies for an Effective Sales Meeting:

  1. Sales meetings are held daily at the same time and kept to 20 minutes.
  2. Sales meetings get the team’s attention onto the purpose of the team for that day.
  3. Sales meetings should motivate, inspire and remind the team of their successes and the possibilities.
  4. Sales meetings provide actual education that positions the sales team to succeed.

Sales managers should also avoid overloading the team with information that’s just information.  Instead, put the focus on the winners and the successful not just the new people – let them catch up or spend time one on one with them later.  The Grant Cardone sales meeting should be short, inspiring, provoking, positive and focused on SOLUTIONS!  (Short means under twenty minutes.)

Ask Grant and he’ll tell you, “I have never known a sales organization that was number one in their market that didn’t rally the troops on a daily basis.”

Check out our on-demand programs which stream content 24/7 at either Cardone On Demand or Cardone University.  There’s an example below on closing feel free to use it in your next meeting.  See, both of these cloud based tools are being used by managers and leaders right now to access EVERY topic possible for running short, motivating meetings on a daily basis.  In fact there’s enough content in here to have a unique sales meeting every day for 3 years without ever repeating yourself.  Not that some things don’t need repeating!   Additionally, we have companies that only use on online material for just their sales meetings.

Remember, success is your duty, it’s a responsibility, and it’s your obligation.  Following  these Top 4 Strategies for Effective Sales Meeting is part of you following through with your commitment to achieving success for yourself and your team.