Grant Cardone Investing: What makes an investment good?

Grant Cardone Investing: What makes an investment good?

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  Riches rarely come from saving.  Saving is a conservation behavior, not an expansion behavior.

Ever heard the saying “scared money don’t make money”?

To me, there is a lot of truth in that saying however you need a tiny bit of context to truly understand what it means.

What it DOES NOT mean, is to spend money carelessly. To this day, I am still a frugal person when it comes to certain things, for example…

I will NEVER buy clothes that are not on sale and I am always mindful of how I spend money on things that decrease in value over time.

It kills me to see people spend Lambo money on cars when they have $25,000 in the bank.

Grant Cardone Investing:  You need to be mindful of what I would consider frivolous spending… but there is a caveat.

When the right investments come along you need to be willing to pull the trigger and go all in.  I do buy clothes on sale… but if I find a $160M real estate deal that I love, I will pull the trigger in an instant.

You need to be able to identify the things that come along in your life that are worth investing in.

Grant Cardone Investing:  5 questions to qualify the investment.

  1. Will it increase or decrease in value over time?
  2. Does it move you closer or further away from your goals and targets?
  3. Does it provide multiple opportunities or does it serve a single purpose?
  4. Will the return exceed the cost of the investment?
  5. Can you make it work based on your finances?

Now, keep in mind, the number one investment you can make, and the most important one as well, is the one you make in yourself.

We created Cardone University and our Certification Paths to be investment products that will answer all 5 of these questions correctly for you and deliver the growth you need to create your personal economy and grow your business.

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