Four Social Media Secrets Exposed Hiding In Plain Sight

Four Social Media Secrets Exposed Hiding In Plain Sight

What if I told you that there are social media secrets hidden in plain sight? A successful social media strategy for small business (or any business for that matter) is a key factor in branding your company, getting attention and engaging your current and potential clients. There are some simple secrets to social media mastery that are actually time honored principles. These are principles and concepts that have applied to success in any endeavor that are currently being overlooked by many small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Social media secrets to success

However you manage your company’s social media marketing strategy, make sure you apply these 4 secrets to social media success. These are secrets that have been hiding in plain sight. These 4 secrets are taken from the pages of Grant Cardone’s book, “Sell Or Be Sold, How To Get Your Way In Business and In Life.”

While you may not recognize yourself as a sales person, if you’re using social media to promote your business, product, or service, recognize to some degree you are in sales and a person so….

Your activity on social media will either sell people on why you’re right for them or not. Whether or not they will continue to do business with you. Whether or not they’ll refer you to their friends and family. These strategies when used correctly can be the tipping point between an average business and an extraordinary life.

So, let’s take a look at what Grant can teach us about social media.

1. Service is senior

In Sell Or Be Sold, you will learn that service is senior to selling. Same thing applies to social media. Your presence on social media platforms should be to inform, inspire, entertain, enlighten, and engage with your clients and prospects. You need to approach posting on social media with service in your heart. How can I help people with this information or post? Now, don’t get me wrong, if you’re having a sale or a promotion, by all means share it! That being said, sales, promotions and “slick advertising” as Grant calls it should not be the major element of your activity on social media.

Your activity on social media should be about service and serving your clients. You need to have people’s best interest at heart here and the golden rule must apply to social media postings. How do you want to be engaged by a company on social media? Look at pages and people you follow on Facebook for example. You already know exactly what’s the right thing to do. You know what works and what gets you peeved. Follow your gut on this one, you know it’s right, make service senior and then watch what happens.

Selling is about giving, not getting, servicing, not selling.” -Grant Cardone

2. Give, Give, Give

In congruence with service is senior, you will also want to give, give, give!

Give, give, give is the assurance of sales, sales, sales.” -Grant Cardone

Socially speaking, this means you want to share information, write blogs and articles to post that help and can produce a result all on it’s own. For example, Grant has a weekly strategy that he sends out once a week. He writes it himself and it is always filled with tips and advice that will help people increase production and create a greater level of prosperity for themselves and their families. Grant doesn’t charge for this data, but ironically, this free flow of information does what for Grant? It gets him in communication with his followers, gets him out of obscurity with people who don’t know him and ultimately people will buy his books and programs.

In addition to Grant’s weekly strategy, Grant writes articles on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wells Fargo, and several others. All free. His YouTube page, radio show, Facebook account and Twitter feed, cost him nothing but time and technically generates no quantifiable income.

KEEP IN MIND: This spirit of giving is about just that. Grant has (and so should you) aligned himself with the first tip. He puts service senior and gives all he can. However, when you duplicate this giving it must also be done with service in your heart. It’s not about quid pro quo, it’s about giving to help and being of service first.

To quote Bob Burg, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s needs first.” Bob knows a thing or two about giving… after all he wrote two whole books on it.

3. Massive Action

This is Chapter 13 in Sell Or Be Sold. So important was this chapter, that Grant then wrote a book all on Massive Action and Massive Thinking called The 10X Rule.

Consider this: How much noise is on Social Media? Grant will be the first to tell you, that in order for you and your business to succeed, you need attention and you need to get out of obscurity.

Consider this, how many times have you asked someone if they saw your post about “such-n-such” and they just stared at you blankly? Just because you post something at 9 am doesn’t mean the person logging on to Facebook at 2pm is going to see it. There are how many million Tweets a day. 500 million.  Yes, that’s right, 500 million. If you think Tweeting once or twice a day is the way to go, think again.

So, allow me to repeat the question? How much noise is on Social Media? Between requests for the latest and greatest time wasting game of monotony to which celebrity did something highly stupid to the misinterpreted comment that everyone thought was racist… Where do you plug in? How do shout over the noise?

Post relevant, useful and engaging content and do it often. No exceptions, no excuses, them the rules, git-r-done!

You need to take massive amounts of action on social media. If you’re not getting the results you’re after on Social Media, then you very well may not be taking enough action.

Worried about taking a little heat for posting too much? Good! Now do it anyway. You’ll get criticism and some people will tell you it’s too much. That’s fine. It’s a good sign. It means people are taking notice.

Criticism is a sign of success.” -Grant Cardone The 10x Rule.

Find me one successful person who didn’t get criticism. I dare you!

4. Problems Are Opportunities

When you get heat on Social Media, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to serve, an opportunity to show the world what you’re made of and live up to your marketing message. Same as earlier. Criticism is a sign of success. If you’re getting a complaint or two on your social media lines, that’s OK. It truly is an opportunity to give, give, give, take massive action and demonstrate that service really is senior.

Ignore negative feedback and it will become real and true to the people who see it. How you respond to negative feedback online will tell clients, prospects and consumers exactly how you’ll handle them if they find themselves in the same situation.

Ignoring it and hoping it will go away sends the same message. It tells your prospects that’s how you handle situations, you ignore it and hope it’ll go away. Clearly not the best business practice. Addressing it head on sends another. It says, you’re there, you’re willing and you care.

Perception is probably the most important part. Make sure you leave a good impression and that the perception is good. Every business makes mistakes. Every one zigs when they should zag once in a while. Customers will be understanding because they too screw up. So by handling problems as opportunities and doing it immediately, you improve your perception in the marketplace and the cyberspace.

Bonus Round and The Wrap Up

  • Speaking of perception: Your customers perception of your company and your product will be in direct proportion to your attitude

That’s the FYI, the cherry on top, the caper! Your attitude will have the greatest impact over all. How you decide to view social media and the people you’re interacting with on social media will be the difference between success and failure with social media.

Now, let’s hear from you. What did you gain from this? What are you already doing and what are you not doing enough? Did I miss anything? The floor is yours….

What did you get out of this? Which one could you be doing more of?