3 Time Management Strategies from Grant Cardone

Time Management Strategies

How many times do you find yourself repeating the phrase, “I don’t have enough time?”  Or do you ever get frustrated when you see other people getting more done but can’t seem to figure out how they manage to do it?  What kind of excuses do you come up with to justify your alleged lack of time to explain away why you’re not getting it done?  Do you find yourself getting angry with people who have it all?

Time Management Strategies

Here’s a question for you:  How are you spending your days?  Do you often feel like you could be doing more but you just don’t have enough time?

These time management strategies will help…

ONE:  Write down the areas of your life you want to be great in.  And when you do this, turn off your regulator.  You don’t have to make sense of this stuff.  Don’t let average think creep in and convince you why you can’t or why it won’t work.

TWO:  Fill up every blank space in your calendar with a task that will improve yourself or some area of your life.  Look at your days.  Are the actions you’re taking in the day to day moving you towards the areas of your life you want to be great in?  Are their things happening in your day that you could eliminate, minimize or replace?  Any bad habits that need to go away?  Takes about 11 minutes to smoke a cigarette.  At a pack a day that’s 4 hours.  Just sayin’

THREE:  Pay someone else to do your chores.  Any task not contributing to your goals is a task you should not be doing.  This is the wealth mindset.  To the degree you struggle with embracing this concept, you can use that as a barometer in term of how much think you have to shift.

Bottom Line:  When you make better use of your time, you make more money.

These time management strategies are just the tip of the iceberg.  Would you like us to show you how you can increase your income RIGHT NOW?  Don’t waste any MORE time.  Time is either spent or invested.  We do both every day.  The question is, what’s the ratio right now?  How much of your day is spent verses invested and then will you make the changes necessary to shift to more time invested than spent?

A large part of our Cardone U and our Cardone Coaching program is us helping you get right with time.  If you’re not right with time, you’ll never get your money right.  Time is money right?  And so if you can’t control time, how will you ever be able to control money?  For more information about Cardone Coaching, call 310-777-0352 or email david@grantcardone.com