FOCUS: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

FOCUS: The Wednesday Word of the Week #WednesdayWisdom

Hey Hey everybody it’s David Bradley with your Wednesday Word of the Day.  Today’s word, the Wednesday Word is FOCUS.
So what we’re going do is we are going to look at the definition then we’re going to look at the etymology and then I’m going to give you three quotes about focus that you can take with you into your next seven days.   And then hopefully maybe even the next rest of your life.

Now let’s look at three quotes that are specifically about focus

So what did what do we get from that burning point ?   “Energy goes where attention flows.” But in this case,

Energy flows where focus goes

Why not  just replace the word?  What do you focused on?  Your brain has this really cool thing called the reticular activating system.  Do you remember what the first Wednesday Word that we talked about was?  It was decision, right?
So if you make a decision that something is the way it is your brain immediately goes to work on
looking for ways to validate that.  So if you decide that life ain’t never going to be right for you then that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  Your brain is going to go to work at validating that point
Now, on the other hand if you decide and then put focus on this is a good universe, this is a kind universe, this is a loving universe, this is the right universe for me to be in; then that is where your attention will go and that is where the energy will flow from.  If you put focus on good things, correct things, you will create those things.

Love the one you’re with!”

Now if you’re in sales I’ve already given you a huge opportunity.  First and foremost your focus should be on an amazing day.  Your focus should be on closing this customer in a positive excellent way but your focus should also be on creating that right experience for your buyer okay so that is where the focus goes okay…?
Now “love the one you’re with.”   That means you want to give them all of your attention.  You want to focus everything you have on them.  Whether that’s a phone call, whether it’s texting emailing or face-to-face.  Put all of your attention on the customer.  You will put all of your focus on them.  Give them that, they deserve it.

Also, love the one you’re with, doesn’t necessarily mean just in terms of selling though…

When you’re not at work go home, be there.  Be with your home, be with your family.  All the crazy stuff that happened at work, it will still be there waiting for you when you get back.  Wherever you’re at, that’s
where you want to put your attention.
Put your attention on the positive not the negative so because the more attention you put the more
focus you have on the positive the more that will show up and because your brain will start looking for instead of trying to validate why it’s all jacked up.
Third one I think it’s really really really important.  This applies to every aspect of life.  To the body, to the mind and spirit.  To everything that you do on every level so just there’s you, your family, the, community, your country and the planet.  This will apply to all of these things.
This is from the end of Be Obsessed Or Be Average. Don’t worry, not giving anything away in this

Look for problems on this planet you can help with and go help

So if you want to be a millionaire look for problems and look for problems you can solve.  Look for ways you can help.  Look for ways you can serve.  Put your focus on service.  Do that and watch what happens.  Watch the magic because again if energy goes where focus flows and you put your energy on service, on help, solving problems for people…

I’m not even gonna give you any examples because the list is already populating in your head because I just put your focus on it so you’re already generating ideas.
This week and then maybe even for the rest your life put your focus on the good.  Put your focus on positive, put your focus on the person or the thing you’re on/with right now, then look to solve problems.  Put your focus on solving problems and helping
Let me know how this helped.  You need anything from me, feel free to give me a ring.  I’m at 818-427-5188.  That’s the cellphone.  Office line 310-777-0352 email Have an awesome seven days!  Thanks for being here…