What to do when the dealer won’t pay for training

when the dealer won't pay for training

What to do when the dealer won’t pay for training

#YOYO.  When You’re On You’re Own.  What do you do when the sales training at your dealership has VHS tapes involved?  Or worse, there isn’t any at all!  The first thing is do not blame the manager and do not conclude they don’t care.  You don’t have to believe me when I tell you this but they care.  They legitimately care and they want you to succeed.  They saw potential in you and that is exactly why they hired you.

Facts and stats (not a coincidence)

  • 82% of sales managers don’t have time to train their staff
  • Over 70% of all employees are disengaged at their job.

This is not a coincidence.  You’re managers are way too busy, wear too many hats and are most likely at any giving moment under caffeinated, over caffeinated and/or under fed or some combination of the three.  I’m leaving out poor sleep and hungover because that would just be cruel.  They may also have a family to support and some kind of life outside the dealership.  They’re human AND they got deals to make.  Making deals will always take precedence over training no matter how sharp that double edged Catch-22 of a sword really is.

They have their head on the right target.  Deals.  Where’s yours?

The bottom line:

The bottom line is that while you the salesperson are totally correct in your assessment that the leadership in your organization should provide and pay for the training, that very well may not be the reality in your world.  In our over 30 years of training in the automotive space, the main reason a dealer doesn’t provide sales training his people is most like they tried something in the past and it just didn’t work.  They made an investment that didn’t pay off and they have zero interest in repeating that mistake.  Nobody like to fail.

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So does all that somehow excuse you for training yourself?  NOPE!  Sorry, you can’t pass this buck.  Your development as a professional salesperson is totally up to you.  And let’s say your management team put a program like Cardone On Demand in the store, you’re still on the hook to use it in a way that gets you better.  The bottom line is your success in the car business is and always will be on you.

Good news!

When the dealer won’t pay for training, we have a few solutions for the frustrated soon to be car sales pro who is trying to figure this all out.  And I’ll tell you this too, how and when you train may be slightly more relevant than what you train on.  Assuming that what you’re training on is applicable to today’s consumer.  Meaning, if there’s a VHS tape…  heck, any tape.  Cassette, 8-track, even a DVD should worry you slightly.  Just make sure your content is relevant to today’s buyer and that the sales process you’re learning was designed to enhance the customer’s experience.

MASTER AUTO SALES PACKAGE [click here to order]

The Master Auto Sales MP3 Package will give you all the tools you need to reach your true potential in the car business.  Listen to these in this order to build a foundation and stay in consistent development….

  • Sell or Be Sold
  • The Automotive Closes
  • Grant Cardone Live
  • Automotive Sales Training for New Hires
  • The Closers Survival Guide
  • How to Earn $250,000 a Year in Auto Sales
  • If You’re Not First Your Last
  • The 10X Rule
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
  • One a Day Sales Series

You want to listen to this material in the car on the way to work and on the way home.  Every day you work, you need this content to get in the right frame of mind, to get ideas and get a sense of the possible.

On your days off, take a 60-90 minute deep dive into the material.  Listen to the content fully.  Take copious amounts of notes.  If Grant gives you an exercise, do the exercise.

Start an objection log where you can record the objections you hear so you can work on how to handle them later and make sure you practice and role-play the steps to the sale and handling the objections you may hear along the way.


There is no way on God’s green earth that you will KNOW this content after listening to it once.  Think about this for a second.  If I watch a video on YouTube about how to block a punch and counter strike and I only watch it once and then find myself in a bar fight the very next night, what are my chances?  I’m going to get my @$$ kicked!

If you want to be a proficient pugilist, you must:

  • Train daily
  • Spar
  • Constant improvement

Why would a professional salesperson be any different?  The reality is the professional salesperson should emulate the professional athlete in terms of training, development and self-renewal.  At some point we were convinced that when we finish school that we’re done.  That’s just not correct.  Professional salespeople need to train every day, role-play (practice on someone other than a customer) and be in place of constant renewal.  And if you’re not willing to embrace this, it will cost you far more than any product or service we provide.

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