6 Commitments You Must Make To Be Successful

Commitments You Must Make

Grant Cardone’s 6 Commitments You Must Make To Be Successful

Would you agree that we can always be better, stronger, smarter, and more successful?  And is it safe to say that it is the commitments you make to yourself and your future self that will determine your level of growth?

Commitments You Must Make

There are 6 commitments you must make in order to be successful:

(NOTE:  the word “must” means” be obliged to; should (expressing necessity).  So these really aren’t options here or suggestions.  If you want to have success in your life, you have to, must, be committed to…)

  1. Greatness
  2. Learning
  3. Doing what works best for your success; not what’s easiest
  4. An open mind
  5. Bigger think
  6. Your legacy

ACTION IDEA #1:  Of the six, which one have you never really thought of before?  And how, now that you think of it, will that change your perception of what successful really means to you?

You see, everything you want to have success in, ties into your level of commitment.  And what does Grant say that commitment requires?  Time and Money.

How much time and money have you invested in these six commitments?

ACTION IDEA #2:  Put an actual dollar amount and time stamp on each of the six.  How much time and money have you invested in…

  • Being GREAT at your profession
  • Learning about your profession and industry
  • Putting in the work; grinding; getting after it
  • Expanding and opening your mind
  • Thinking bigger
  • Your legacy

ACTION IDEA #3:  When was the last time you were fully committed to these six?  Go back as far as you need to and I promise you at some point, you’ve been all in on all of these at some point.

ANOTHER commitment you should take on, especially if you want to fund and have the time for these 6 commitments, is to make more income…  Because time is money right?

When I was selling cars, we were in a sales meeting and one of the managers was going around the room asking all the salespeople what they would buy with a million dollars.  This would have been in 2005 probably.  Most of the guys in this room couldn’t even fathom having that kind of money so they were coming up with outlandish ideas that sounded more like an episode of MTV Cribs not a sales meeting.   When he got to me, I said “Time, I’d buy time.”

How much time would you buy?

Where are you going to get the money and what would you do with your time?  Could you see yourself putting in the work?  Can you see yourself doing what works best for your success; not what’s easiest?  Would you like us to help you achieve that right now?

This is your opportunity to change your life and open the door to wealth in your future.

We want to help you create MORE opportunities which will allow you to achieve even MORE success!  You are successful right now.  You have made it this far.  But have you arrives?  How much further would you like to go?  Are you operating at your full potential?  Is it time to recommit?

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Don’t procrastinate another second.  You need to start something now.  Start by making these 6 COMMITMENTS and then make them again tomorrow and everyday.  And then do one of the following…

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ACTION IDEA #4:  Who do you lead?  Yourself and others.  As a leader, that’s another position you have.  Someone, whether you know it or not, right now is looking to you for guidance.    So go back over the 6 one more time from the perspective of the leader that you are.  What kind of example are you and will you be to yourself and others?

Commitments You Must Make