3 Choices to CAPITALIZE on the New Economy

CAPITALIZE on the New Economy

3 Choices to CAPITALIZE on the New Economy

Right now everybody is sitting back and wondering what’s going to happen now that things have started to open back up and we’re all trying to get back to normal.

Obviously a lot of people lost their jobs and things are getting very real out there very fast.  That said, it is no secret that MANY of the world’s greatest fortunes were born during toughest of times.

CAPITALIZE on the New Economy

Grant believes that this will be the greatest shift of wealth the world has ever seen.

Whether you’re on the good side of that shift or the bad side is all about what actions you take RIGHT NOW.

Here is what Grant says he would do if he were you…  Now, keep in mind, your level success will only be one thing, a choice you make and you make be needing to make that choice all day err day until it’s a habit and part of consciousness.

STEP 1 to capitalize on the new economy

Create a crystal clear GAMEPLAN to build a financial fortress around you and your family.  If you’re just taking things “one day at a time” you are playing with fire.  78% of Americans (probably more right now, are living paycheck to paycheck) If this is your reality, it doesn’t have to be.

STEP 2 to capitalize on the new economy

Don’t be dependent on one or two sources of income.  The more types of revenue you have, the less you are at risk.  The less risk you have, the more aggressive you can be.  How can you maximize revenue opportunities at your present job?  Do this, don’t just answer the question, actually do this before looking for “side hustles.”  Set an initial target that is a stair step towards a much larger just out of reach scary kind of target.  How would that look for you?  Could you create 3 flows where each one covers all living your expenses?  And can you tie that in to building 3 flows that cashflow to the degree that not only your family will be taken care of for generations but so will your church and any charity you believe in?

STEP 3 to capitalize on the new economy

Put some sort of fool-proof system in place to make sure your plan actually becomes a reality.  Ideas aren’t worth a thing.  Implementation is what really matters.  This is why Grant put together his 10X Income System.  So you CAN have fool-proof plans for maximizing your primary income, adding additional flows, build and grow your pipeline so it’s nice and fat, ready to burst, create passive income and learn how the 1% grow wealth.


When you look back at this moment years from now you’re going to either thank yourself for taking advantage of the opportunity or…  you’re going to kick yourself in the butt for sitting back and waiting with the rest of the world for something to happen while others created, you waited.  So choose wisely.

CAPITALIZE on the New Economy