Commitment: What buying Red Snapper taught Grant Cardone


What buying Red Snapper taught Grant Cardone

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I want to tell you about a huge success I had many years ago—and how the principle of commitment can help you out today.

Imagine this: I was just off the coast of Louisiana, and we used to sit around waiting for the oil rigs to call on us. When we weren’t actually working, we’d spend our time fishing off the edge of the boat.

On one particularly lucky day, we brought in hundreds and hundreds of red snappers. As we packed them in what little ice we had, I listened to the other crew members on board who were planning to take their share of the fish home to eat.

“Commit first, figure the rest out later!”

For some crazy reason, I used my entire paycheck and offered to buy up everyone’s fish with the idea that I’d go out and sell them all.  At the time, I’d never sold anything and I didn’t know anything about sales — much less fish sales. I didn’t even know who I was going to sell them to.  All I knew was that my instinct was telling me that someone would want to buy those beautiful fresh red snappers.

There were hundreds of snappers piled in the back of my truck. I realized that I needed to create a market and find some customers.  Then figure out how to convince people to buy my fish.  I had to think super-fast because the ice on the fish was melting, and I was going to lose my paycheck and my inventory if I didn’t move the product right away.

“Massive Action = New Problems”

As the ice continued to melt, I blasted through neighborhood after neighborhood announcing that I had fresh fish.  Knocking on doors, I quickly explained that these fish had been caught in the Gulf that very morning and they were the best that money could buy.

After I’d covered the houses in the area, I went to the businesses, where I found more prospects and sold the rest of the fish. And I did it all before the last of the ice melted.  That was the day I learned about the value of commitment. I had a fanatical, have-to-get-it-done-whatever-it-takes level of commitment!

Commitment = Results = Happiness

How is your commitment to your business today?  If you find your commitment wavering, I want to challenge you today.  Reboot and come to Cardone University. This cloud based training has been designed to give you the tools you need.  Now you can finally take your business to the stratosphere.  This is the most efficient, effective way to get the lessons I’ve learned over the last 35 years in business.

Commit now. Get results fast. Increase your happiness.  Great success all boils down to the choices you make!

If you’re committed, I will take care of the rest.