Just enough to NOT be satisfied

Just enough to NOT be satisfied

Just enough to NOT be satisfied

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  How much do you need to be happy?  Time Magazine said recently that a study done on happiness revealed that the more people make above $75,000, the more they feel their life is working out on the whole—but that it doesn’t make them any more jovial in the mornings.

Would 75K make you jovial?

(Note the definition of Jovial: cheerful and friendly)  The truth is, it’s hard to be cheerful when you’re constantly stressed about money.

Money problems bring fights with your spouse, feelings of uneasiness because you can’t pay for things you want to give your kids, and the reality of being trapped, a financial slave on the hamster wheel of a paycheck-to-paycheck life.

With the cost of living, anything under 75K leaves you with no leftovers. Even at 75K though, does that really satisfy?

75K to 100K gives you just enough to NOT be satisfied.

Who wants to clip coupons and pinch pennies?

Take my advice: You need much more than 75K, and for all those people who say money doesn’t bring happiness, how would they know?

Most people who tell you money doesn’t bring happiness don’t have money.

If I have never traveled to New York City, and I told you NYC sucks, would you take my word? If I’ve never been to New York, what business do I have of telling others about the place?

Years ago before I moved to San Diego, people used to tell me people in California were crazy. These people had never even lived in California! Personally, I found I loved California—except for the taxes.

So, why do people who have middle-class assets give others advice about having riches? I’ll tell you that not having money won’t make you happy either!

Just enough to NOT be satisfied