Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone

Sell Or Be Sold is the first of Grant Cardone’s books.

This is the book foundation book that all of Grant’s book are based on and spring from.  Knowing and understanding the material inside Sell Or Be Sold will kick you into a completely different level of success and proficiency.

“The ability to sell is as crucial to your success as food, water, and oxygen are to your life.”     -Grant Cardone

This is your exclusive access to success essentials of:

  • Selling in a bad economy
  • Overcoming call reluctance
  • Filling your pipeline with new business
  • Staying positive, despite rejection
  • Utilizing social media and avenues on how to propel your business goals

How to Get The Most from Sell Or Be Sold Book

Here’s how to make sure you get the most possible from this book and audio, Sell Or Be Sold.

  • First, set aside a specific amount of time to read daily.
  • Second, get yourself a legal pad and a highlighter.
  • Third, get focused and ask yourself, “Self, what am I looking to accomplish by reading this?”
  • Assign a target date to complete the book. Sell Or Be Sold has 22 chapters. One chapter a day and that’s 22 days. You could do it in one week if you want, you can take a whole month if you need to. Just make sure to set a target date.
  • Listen to the audio of it in the car everywhere you go

Each chapter in Sell Or Be Sold, ends with questions for you to look at and answer.

It is vital that you know you got something from it and that you can duplicate the material.  Don’t just read this book. USE this book.  Highlight the key points that ring home and take notes.

Another thing to do is to try reading the questions at the end of each chapter first. Then read the chapter.  (You can also listen while reading along.)  Now answer the questions as best you can. If you really want a challenge, read and answer the questions before you read the chapter, then read the chapter. Now answer the questions again and compare your answers. Then ask yourself, what did I just learn?

If you read and listen to each chapter in Sell Or Be Sold as if you’re going to teach a class on it tomorrow, imagine how differently you’ll pay attention to the material.  That’s the next challenge or tip. If you had to teach an hour long class on this chapter tomorrow morning, how would you read it? How would you focus on it?

Here’s the deal, selling is not just a transaction, it’s a paradigm and an attitude. In any organization, sales and revenue is the main thing that what will keep the doors open. Revenue is vital to any organization. Business, family, church… ANY organization.

Here’s just of few of the mindsets you’ll learn from Sell Or Be Sold:

  • How sales people drive the economy more than anything else.
  • The only reason you won’t like selling and probably why your resistant to it now.
  • How to get sold yourself and use conviction and certainty as leverage.
  • Why “it’s all about price” is strictly a myth and not a reason for inaction.
  • Believe it or not, money does grow on trees and there’s plenty of it.
  • Whether you know it or not, you are in the people business long before you are in the “X” business.
  • The Number One rule of Selling is “Always, Always, Always Agree.” How and why will this soften any buyer?
  • SERVICE is always senior to selling.
  • Closing is a like a recipe and while talent helps, it’s not necessary.
  • How much action do you need to take to GUARANTEE yourself success.
  • How will you maximize your power base? By the way, what the hell is a Power Base anyway?
  • Literally create more time for yourself.
  • You and your great attitude is worth more than any product.

This is the just start of your journey.

Sell Or Be Sold Book And Audio Package

This is a fresh look at selling and how to use this forgotten art in a respectful, ethical way to get everything you want in life no matter how bad the economy is. You’re life depends on it.