Grant Cardone: 5 Money Mistakes Keeping You From Millions

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Grant Cardone: 5 Money Mistakes Keeping You From Millions

So many people reach out to me seeking financial advice. They’ve been disappointed in the past and don’t understand how to start.

Or they’ve been fed the wrong information their whole lives and now find themselves with no money from their investments and struggling to make ends meet.

They are stressed out, feel uncertain about the future, are frustrated, feel depressed, and are angry with themselves that they couldn’t figure it out.

You are not alone.

Most people operate with wrong information and comprehension of the financial scene.  There is more bad information than good information on the subject.

5 Money Mistakes Keeping You From Millions

1. Saving to Save

It’s impossible to create wealth just by saving. The wealthy don’t get wealthy like that. If you put your money in the bank you might get .25% – that’s 40 years to earn 10% on your money. The only reason to save money is to one day invest it.

2. Trusting Without Proof

Don’t make the mistake of naively trusting people because you like them and because it felt right without proof. If you can’t ask someone to validate what they are telling you don’t do business with them. Adopt the “Show me, don’t tell me” attitude.

3. Comparing to Others

The common problem is thinking to yourself that you are better off than someone else. 76% of all working Americans live paycheck to paycheck. If you are better off than a homeless person that in no way helps you pay your bills, feed your children or take care of your parents. Never compare yourself to another, it doesn’t solve your problems.

4. Investing in Trends

Avoid investing in the latest trends and the next greatest thing and focus on your space and what you can do. Avoiding trends does mean you will miss out on some opportunities. But, where there is uncertainty, there will be losses. Seek situations that guarantee the arrival of wealth, they are out there.

5. Diversification

Wall Street needs you to diversity. If you have hundreds of different investments you need someone else to manage them. That’s why Wall Street has sold you on diversification. The super-rich go all-in on one or two bets and make them work. The way to reduce risk is control, responsibility and knowing what you are doing.

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