Your most effective marketing tool


Your Most Effective Marketing Tool

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  In 2017 I was named Forbes #1 Marketer to Watch, and since that time I’ve grown as a marketer and I want to share with you how to market your business better.

Marketing is not difficult, but it does take commitment.

When most people think of marketing, they think flyers or commercials or some sort of paid ad and then don’t think about people being a marketing tool.

Your most effective marketing tool in your company are the people in your company.”

The fact that you don’t demand of yourself or them to market is the error.  The world is spending unbelievable amounts of time on the internet doing research or using social media platforms. The more those sources are being used to reach and communicate the more valuable the personal contact becomes.

You should absolutely dominate your market using virtual marketing to keep your clientele thinking about you but don’t let that be your sole dependence when you think “marketing.”

What about making a personal visit or writing a personal letter? Don’t use one avenue to market, use them all, even old school- “John, I am 5 minutes away and wanted to stop by and say Hey.”

You are in the people business, not the billboard, social media or Youtube business.

You want to be EVERYWHERE.

Send emails, make phone calls, do personal visits and dominate with other traditional and non-traditional means of marketing!  Taking a few minutes to just see how someone is doing will guarantee you a much higher chance of earning their business later on.

Remember, take a smart, consistent, personable, and aggressive approach to marketing you.  If you do, you and your business are guaranteed to find success.  For more details on how you can create effective marketing strategies, listen to my best-selling book, If You’re Not First, You’re Last.

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Your Most Effective Marketing Tool