Your biggest problem in sales

biggest problem in sales

Great Salespeople Invest In Networking, Community and Building Relationships

The GREAT salespeople know what the biggest problem in sales is.  This awareness and constant vigilance towards it is that one thing that makes them GREAT and separates themselves in the marketplace.

The GREAT Salespeople know that the biggest problem in sales is obscurity.  The idea of not being known or thought of or remembered is the GREAT salesperson’s biggest problem.  It is the greatest concern to these people.

To be GREAT, you need to focus all energy on solving the obscurity problem.  If you want to be GREAT, you have to get attention for yourself, your company and your offering on every line possible.  Becoming GREAT means you must make yourself known.  Unfortunately, your product will not do it by itself.

7 ways to get involved in your local community:

  • Local political organizations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Church
  • Schools
  • City organizations
  • Neighborhood groups
  • BNI groups

The GREAT Salespeople solve the biggest problem in sales by going where the people are.  Do everything you can to get out of obscurity.  Become known in the community.  Get out there and network, build and grow solid relationships.

ACTION IDEA:  Inside Cardone On Demand and Cardone University are entire courses strictly on prospecting, getting and staying out of obscurity.  Additionally, Grant’s NY Times Best Seller, If You’re Not First You’re Last was written with this very thing in mind.  If it’s been a while since you read it or you’ve never listened to it, this program is filled with ideas and real strategies you can use to network, get involved in your community, and build and maintain those relationships.  If you have access to our online training you can stream it to your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and listen to Grant coach you right out of obscurity!

CHALLENGE:  Make a list of 5 things you will do this week to get out of obscurity and how you can invest in networking, community and building relationships!

biggest problem in sales