You need a wall

You need a wall

FROM THE DESCK OF GRANT CARDONE: What about you?  Do you need a wall?  There’s a lot of talk about building walls lately.  But the truth is, walls are everywhere.  Your house or apartment has a wall.  Why?  To keep people OUT, right?

Every University in this country also has a wall.  It’s not a physical wall, but it’s a WALL.  It’s called admissions.  For example, you can’t get over Harvard’s wall without meeting certain standards.  A 2.4 GPA isn’t going to cut it.  You will be OUTSIDE of their academic wall.  Why does Harvard do that?  To protect themselves.  Because if they let anybody in, it devalues the campus.  Why?  Because a Harvard diploma would lose value if students with a 2.4 GPA would be let inside.  So, a wall is built.  It protects the community of Harvard.  Because that’s what walls do—they protect.


What do I mean by “ruthless”?  It’s a brutal word with negative connotations, but if you’re not ruthless in this world, you put yourself at risk.  When I was 25 years old, I was a drug addict—and basically, my life was a mess and I dragged others around me down.  My mom was ruthless enough, smart enough, and loved me enough to say, “Don’t come here anymore.”  Black or white. It was crystal clear and I couldn’t cross the line.  She put up a WALL.  And I was out.

People in your life need to become a black and white issue.  They are either on your side, or they’re not.  Just because I was born in the same house, just because you are my mommy or daddy or uncle or aunt, just because we went to the same school, just because we were friends back when—it doesn’t mean you’re on my team now.


You got people out there who are completely against you.  Tell your Uncle, “Dude, you’re out”. He’ll say, “But I’m your uncle—I helped raise you”.  Tell him, “Yeah, but you’re out now. You did a good job raising me, but you’re not doing a good job now—this doesn’t work anymore. Either get on my side, clean up your own life, quit talking bad about me, quit telling me about how my dreams are dumb, quit telling me that I can’t move or leave or do things, because you’re either on my side or you’re not—it’s a black and white issue.”

It’s not about friends and family, it’s about who are your friends and family now.  You are either on my team or you aren’t…

You need a wall