Wild Grant Cardone Quotes

wild grant cardone quotes

Wild Grant Cardone Quotes

MEMO FROM YOUR UNCLE G:  There have been some wild Grant Cardone quotes over the years.  Are these quotes strictly for shock value?  Sure.  But do they have some nugget of truth in them?  You bet they do.

Here are some of the wildest things Grant’s ever said publicly and what he really meant:

Marry one person, use everything else in life like a prostitute.

What he really meant was you use an apartment—rent it, don’t buy it.  Use a car—lease it, don’t own it.  Use your phone, then get a new one after you crack it. You want to shift your thinking to using things and quit getting hung up on “owning” things.

California is the Soviet Block, with better weather.

What he really meant there was that California is a great place, but taxes are way too high. The state government needs to ease up and encourage entrepreneurs living there rather than discourage them.

If you’re overweight by 80 pounds, get off your fat ass and get to the gym!

What Grant really meant:  We all have different problems and issues in life, and for some people, it’s not exercising enough or eating right. Whenever in life you’ve had success, it’s because you took responsibility for yourself and your actions.

It’s time to quit making excuses, getting offended, and blaming others for your own failures—whether it be financial problems, relationship problems, or health problems. Do something about it!

If you are still picking your hotels based on free breakfast, you should be ashamed of yourself.

What your Uncle G is trying to tell you right now is to stop making decisions in life based upon what you can save, and instead start making decisions based on who you can connect with and what will help you grow and expand.

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  Wild Grant Cardone Quotes