Why Culture Is Important

Why Culture Is Important

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  As a business leader, you have to be a winner to create winners. You create the culture that your team follows. If you don’t like something that is going on, it’s because of you. Develop a culture in your company that wins.

I love what Andy Frisella said about culture at the 10X Growth Conference 2. He thinks we’ve lost touch with the concept of winning—that it’s ridiculous that everyone’s a winner now. When it comes to sports, the better team wins. Or that’s how it used to be. We need to go back to that black or white view of winning because that’s how life really is.

There is no gray area—you either win in life or you don’t.

Creating a culture that wins starts with embracing the concept of what a winner is—someone who is better than the opponent. We’ve grown soft handing out trophies to 15th place. There is only one spot for the gold medalist. Commit to getting the gold, to being the best, a winner.

Why culture is important

Personal details matter. How you do one thing is how you do everything. A lot of people disregard the small things thinking that it doesn’t carry over to other areas of their life. That’s just wrong. If you see paper on the bathroom floor and don’t pick it up because it’s “not your job,” that type of thinking affects your business.

What are your core values? To build your culture, you have to know what you stand for.

If you say that taking responsibility is one of your core values but you don’t even pick up the paper off the ground, you’re not aligned. What kind of message do you think that sends to your employees?

As an entrepreneur and business leader, creating a winning culture is your responsibility.

Who you say you are and how you act have to be the same thing. If you want great employees, you have to set the example in word and deed. Everything comes down from the top. Your team learns how to act by watching you.

If you have a problem in your company look to what you’re teaching your team. You might not be congruent with your core values, saying one thing then doing another. No wonder why you have a hard time keeping people with you for more than a year.

Why Culture Is Important