There are no shortcuts

There are no shortcuts.

The shortcut really is you realizing that are are no shortcuts.  The more action you take, the better your chances are of getting a break.

Disciplined, consistent, and persistent actions are more of a determining factor in the creation of success than any other combination of things. Understanding how to calculate and then take the right amount of action is more important than your concept, idea, invention, or business plan.

To simplify action, we are going to break down your choices into four simple categories or degrees of action.

Your four choices are:

  • do nothing,
  • retreat,
  • take normal levels of action,
  • take massive action.

“Doing nothing” is exactly what it sounds like: no longer taking actions to move yourself forward in order to learn, achieve, or control some area. “Retreaters” are those who take actions in reverse—probably in order to avoid negative experiences that they imagine will come as a result of taking action. “Normal levels” of action is taking enough action to appear average and create normal lives, marriages, and careers; however, they never do quite enough to create real success.

Massive action is actually the level of action that creates new problems.  And until you create problems, you’re not truly operating at the fourth stage of action.