5 Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team (and yourself)

Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team (and yourself)

Business owner, manager, team lead, entrepreneur, salesperson.  You need to find ways to keep the tank of motivation full more often than not.  Sometimes the motivation just isn’t there and that’s why we need discipline and drive but with these 5 things you can keep yourself and your sales team engaged, motivated and moving forward.

Motivation Tip #1:  Give the work a deeper meaning.

If you’re just in this for the money you’ll never be motivated at the level required to stay in it to win it.  What are you going to do with the money?  What do work for?  Who do you work for?  Why are you doing this?  Are you on a mission?  What happens when you get there?  Do you have goals and dreams?  Places to go, things to see?  What cause are you fighting for?  What about the team?  The company mission?  Motivated teams and players are all working for a bigger purpose.

Motivation Tip #2:  Emphasize collaboration before competition

Work together.  Competition is for the weak and ego driven.  How can you collaborate with your team mates?  Sure a little competition can be fun but if we’re all working for a deeper meaning then we need to make sure that working together is the priority and that the competition itself is healthy and in service to the mission.

Motivation Tip #3:  Celebrate Small Victories

Remember from Selling Basics in Cardone U, “production yields happiness.”  What did you guys produce?  If you didn’t close the deal, how far DID you get?  How many calls did you produce?  Everyday you do do something right.  Something works.  Somehow you win.  Celebrate that.  It’s a victory.  Did you take massive action and resist the urge to be average or retreat?  If so, that’s a win!  Celebrate it and use it to build momentum.

Motivation Tip #4:  Praise The Team Publicly

And while we’re on the subject of celebration, make sure everyone knows.  Good news only meetings are how we roll in Grant’s office.  Someone nails it, has a victory, a win, we praise it, out loud, as a team.  Who doesn’t like getting a round of applause?  There’s a lot of people out there who will do MORE for recognition than money all day long.  Money is just one scoreboard in the game of life.  So is recognition.

Motivation Tip #5:  Stay Positive

No negativity allowed here.  Unfortunately, people tend to have a negativity bias.  In fact a study showed that negative thinking can be 4 – 7 times more powerful that positive.  Additionally, the spoken word magnifies the power of the thought by 10X.  Meaning a negative thought spoken out loud has 40 to 70 times more power.  So if you’re going to say anything, keep it positive.  Catch your thoughts and switch em out to something positive and say that out loud instead.  There’s enough negativity in the world already be a force of positivity and counterbalance.

Final Thoughts: Ways To Motivate Your Sales Team (and yourself)

What systems can you put in place to make these happen?  And let’s not skip over to the company or sales team without first looking in the mirror.  So step one will be how will you implement these 5 ways to motivate your sales team in your own life and use them to lead by example?  Do you show up with purpose and for a deeper meaning?  Do you operate with collaboration before competition?  How will you celebrate all the wins and praise your co-workers publicly?  And can you exemplify and radiate positivity?  Look for the possible instead of the impossible.  Make these yours first, lead from the front and others will be drawn into you and your begin to duplicate.