The reason most people never get rich

The reason most people never get rich

The Reason Most People Never Get Rich

If you’ve ever wondered about how to get rich or fantasied about being wealthy but have not seen it happen yet, why?  Why is there such a gap between wealthy and poor?  What is the reason most people never get rich?  For starters, the process of how to become a millionaire (or multi-millionaire) isn’t something that’s taught. Getting rich isn’t taught at home or in school.

In Grant Cardone’s Strategy of the Week for June 24th, 2016, Grant points out that most of our society actually frowns on anyone who talks about getting rich.  There are some who will even go so far as to protest against those who have created financial independence for themselves and their families.

Our schools will teach you how to be a good worker.  In grade school, they teach you how to read and write, how to do math, how to know history and geography, and how to pass a test.  Frighteningly, they’ll never broach the subject of how to get rich.  It never comes up in high school or college either.

Getting super rich seems to be a topic reserved for fantasies, movies, and intoxicated “what-if” games.  Most of the middle class has come to believe that becoming a millionaire is for the lucky sperm club, business owners, gold diggers, lottery winners, athletes, rappers, and inventors.  Getting rich is not for the elite. That is a myth and it is simply not true. Millionaires and the super rich come from all walks of life.

Four out of five millionaires today work for someone else.

The reason most people never get rich is that they never even consider it a possibility. Most people have been convinced by those close to them to simply be satisfied with whatever their financial situation is. The other reason is that…

reason most people never get rich