Smart Money Time

smart money

Smart Money

The best and greatest salespeople Grant has ever known have always been very smart with their money.  This is NOT what Grant (and let’s face it, most of us) were taught early on as salespeople.

Were you, like Grant, taught early on to go out and get a bunch of debt?  As if that was going to magically make you a good salesperson…

The best and greatest salespeople are unbelievable with money.

Highly interested with creating wealth for themselves and their families.  They want “bank.”  They want multiple accounts.  Great salespeople want to survive financially and they know that the more money they have is a motivator (not a demotivator) to push harder and create more funding for themselves for their goals and their dreams.

“The GREATS are financially driven to build something, not go and blow something.”      

-Grant Cardone

The GREATS are target driven.  To be a great salesperson, you have to be target driven.

Your monthly, quarterly, annual and lifetime targets are all tied together.

What you accomplish today is how you build tomorrow.

Know your finances, be driven by your finances, as part of your purpose to create prosperity for yourself and your family.


  • Are you writing your goals down twice a day?
  • Is your purpose crystal clear?
  • What are you doing today to secure your tomorrow?
  • Who and what do you work for?

smart money

The 10X Planner is part schedule and it’s part journal.  One this for sure, this ain’t your daddy’s planner.  The 10X Planner is for the great salesperson and/or entrepreneur who demands a 10X life.

The 10X Planner schedules out every second of everyday, gets your head right, gets you goal oriented, and target focused everyday.