Never Say No to Opportunity: The Cardone Zone

Never Say No To Opportunity!

Grant Cardone shares insights to help the middle class escape the myth and secure wealth.

Grant begins the show referring to New York Magazine article where tech columnist Kevin Roose interviews Netscape creator and power-tweeter Marc Andreessen and their conversation veers into how the middle class is a myth.

Grant advises people to quit passing up opportunity and to never say no to opportunity,  Grant explains how the biggest cities in America all share one thing in common. The rich get richer and the middle class and poor are pushed down.

To drive the point home Grant lists movie roles that popular actors passed.  Did you know that Bill Murray passed on Forrest Gump and Christian Bale passed on being James Bond.  Michelle Pfeiffer said no to Basic Instinct and Pretty Woman.

Passing up opportunity is not a good thing for business.

Grant also discusses Peyton Manning and his incredible work ethic and 100% all in dedication.

Grant goes on to offer callers excellent advice like:

“This is America baby, just because you born here, don’t make you free!” Grant Cardone

and shares these business tips:

Grant’s Business Tips:

  1. Never be “Out of Office.”
  2. Never Say NO to opportunity.
  3. Live where you can earn.
  4. Say hello to everyone you see.

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Never Say No to Opportunity