Show up early and stay late.

Great SalesPeople Show Up Early And Stay Late

Show up early and stay late!

Show up early and stay late!  “The early bird gets the worm!”  “Go the extra mile, there’s no one on it!”

Nothing could be more true!  You have to put in the time.  You have to show up early and stay late!

GREATNESS is impossible without investing the time.

And the whole family needs to on the same page with you and supporting you so you can actually put in the time needed to be GREAT and stay focused on the mission.

Sly And The Family Stone was right, it is a family affair.

See one more customer…

Go the extra mile….

Showing up early and staying late needs to be a condition of living.

This is the price.  There are no shortcuts along the road to greatness.

Work is good for you!

Exercise:   Answer the following…

  1. Are you working toward your potential?
  2. Do you view success as your duty?
  3. Would more success be bad for you?
  4. Is the entire family in on one plan for creation of your success?

Challenge:  If questions 1-4 aren’t handled, crack open your copy of The 10X Rule and handle it!

As Grant says, “You’re GREATNESS, don’t fight it!”

Show up early and stay late