3 Sales Prospecting Tips With Immediate Payouts

3 Sales Prospecting Tips With Immediate Payouts

Sales prospecting is truly about playing the long game.  You need to be it for the long haul.  It needs to be done everyday and the more professional you are the more you already know that sales prospecting needs to be the #1 priority in your business and career.

Sales Prospecting Tips

The solution to all problems in sales is a full pipeline.”  -Grant Cardone

Think about any problem you have or have had as a salesperson.  See.  A full pipeline would have fixed it.  the challenge is, as I mentioned, is that you are playing the long game and may not see results right away.  You’re planting not harvesting.

Now if you, like me, have a minimal level of patience, you may be looking for a more immediate result.  A little instant gratification and no matter how many times you utter the wisdom of Wayne Dyer, “infinite patience produces immediate results” you still kinda want to have something happen NOW!  So…  perfect!

Here’s 3 Sales Prospecting Tips With Immediate Payouts:


Let’s go a little deeper on each one because it’s when we really start incorporating these on the regular that those immediate payouts start paying out.

How CAN you serve everyone?

The #1 reason anyone buys anything is to solve a problem.  So for your outflow and prospecting to start paying out immediately, you need to be outflowing from a place of genuine service.  Remember from Sell Or Be Sold that service is senior.  Make your prospecting about serving and giving because it is in the giving that we receive.

What WILL it take to get people’s attention?

Grant talks about connecting with a client who had a similar political interest.  While we had been reaching out for years to no avail it wasn’t until a certain local political candidate that they both supported was running for office that allowed for mutual agreement, connection and eventually partnership.

So think about your ideal prospects right now.  Are they involved in charities, community organizations, or the boards of other companies?  While the general rule is to avoid politics in business, it can be a great way to get in front of the hard-to-reach decision maker.

Are you WORTH it?

Do you deserve to be successful?  Doesn’t everyone?  Is what you have add value to people’s lives?  Are you the right person for the job?  I mean truly the right person?  If your product or service solves a problem and you know you’re the right person to deliver it, why wouldn’t you ask for a referral?

Every time you make a sale, get referrals. Even when you don’t make a sale, ask for them.  You could be the greatest salesperson with the greatest product with the greatest location, but without people knowing about you, talking about you, coming to see you and reaching for you, you’re dead.


A salesperson who can generate their own traffic and who is not dependant on a company’s advertising budget to get leads and prospects is invaluable.  The better you are at prospecting, making warm calls and cold calling the more lucrative your career will be.

  1. Prospect daily
  2. Always have an eye out for potential clients and approach them when you do
  3. Study and practice the art and science of prospecting daily.

This is where Cardone U comes in perfectly.  The reason you’re not prospecting daily and the reason you’re not cold calling is you’re uncertain about how to do it, what to say and how to deal with rejection and handle objections when you get them.

Would you ever willingly step into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson with no training?  What would happen if you tried to land a fighter jet with no time in a simulator?  Can you imagine someone handing you a guitar for the first time and asking you to play Smoke On The Water perfectly in front of a sold out arena?  What could you do with 300+ lessons on prospecting, cold calling, follow up and phone handling?  Would you make time to study and practice it everyday?

If the answer is yes, we got you!  CLICK HERE to start now.