Grant Cardone’s 3 Levels of Earned Income

Grant Cardone’s 3 Levels of Earned Income

How would you like to get a raise?  How long have you been with your company?  I mean, isn’t it time already?  Even if you’ve only been there a week, I think it’s high time you got a raise!  You’re a hard worker, you go the extra mile, you’re showing up early, staying late, and doing things that technically “aren’t your job.”  So let’s get you paid!

How to ask for a raise at work:

Now, when it comes to asking your boss for a raise Grant’s going to show you what you need to do…

TIP:  DON’T ASK YOUR BOSS FOR A RAISE, ask for a bonus.

Think about it…

You got hired to work your job for $58k.  That’s the pay that was decided by your boss for your job. If you want to get paid more, you can, elsewhere, but your job will still be $58k.  Any person willing and skilled can work it and probably for less.  Get it? Sure it MAY increase slightly with cost of living stuff, but… don’t bet on it.

Now, because you have taken on extra projects, you may feel like you should be rewarded and you could ask for a bonus which is completely acceptable.  First, identify your achievements.  Second, present them to the decision maker and third, get acknowledged.  Because you’ve put in the real work, you’ll get your end goal.

Keep in mind… no matter how hard you work the chances of your job skyrocketing to a $100k salary is not likely.  You have to create multiple streams of income for yourself WHILE you stick to your BASE income.

Here are the 3 levels of earned income which should be incorporated into your life:

  1. BASE – This is your main source of income from one employer that pays the bills and keeps a roof over your head.
  2. COMMISSION/TIPS – If you have a sales job or you’re in hospitality this is your extra take-home cash flow.
  3. BONUS – Factor in a bonus from your employer at some point in your career which can be given at any time.

The goal is to get as close as you can to the collection of money so you can make more money…

No matter what level of education you have, where you grew up, and what your credit score is, you can make multiple streams of income for yourself and it starts with YOU.

Keep doing great at your job and be open to the idea of creating new streams of income for yourself.

This is just the beginning…

It’s important to understand the different types of ways that you can make money.  What actions do you need to take to create wealth for yourself?

We are going to show you how when you join our 10X Income System today.