3 Reality Checks From Grant Cardone

3 Reality Checks From Grant Cardone  

Here’s what the GREAT do that you’re not….  Might be time to call yourself out here.  It might be time to put yourself on a button as they say.  Are you tired of just getting by, just enough, barely making it?  Has the last 12 months shown you that you’ve been operating at the wrong level and you’re already running late for the next level?  Let’s look at these 3 reality checks from Grant Cardone…

Reality Checks From Grant Cardone

Reality Check #1:  Nobody ever did anything great alone.

In a recent blog post Grant asks rather tongue in cheek, “How’s that whole misunderstood genius, rebel, lone wolf, unappreciated for your brilliance thing working out for you?”

Have you ever said your time will come?  Do you believe that people just don’t understand your big idea yet?

Reality Check #2:  “Loner” is “loser” spelled differently.   And the sooner we all can accept that the sooner we’ll all start to achieve the success we are all capable of achieving.

ACTION IDEA:  Think of any great undertaking in history, how many people were involved in making that happen?

Sure there may be one central figure that gets the ball rolling but…

Examples from Ancient History:  Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, they had everything necessary to rally their armies to conquer half the known world but they needed those armies to achieve their goals.

Examples for modern times, think about some of our greatest achievements. Henry Ford came up with the idea of building his automobiles on an assembly line but his employees actually made the vehicles. Albert Einstein’s theories led to the creation of the atomic bomb but it was the entire Manhattan Project that built the device that ended the second world war.

Even the giants of the 21st century like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk who certainly all had their world-changing ideas, needed people to help them bring their visions to life.

Reality Check #3:  So if they needed help, do you really think you can go it alone to achieve your goals?

Of course not…

So now that you’ve realized that you need help, the question is where do you get it?

You need information, you need knowledge, you need skills, tactics and you need a team.  A tribe that helps you.  What did the ancients do?  They conquered.  Impossible to do alone.  What did the moderns do?  They innovated.  No way that’s a one man show.  How do today’s moguls change the world?  With a team.

ACTION IDEA:  Who’s on your team?  Who do you have on speed dial?  Who’s got your back?  Who’s pushing you to the next level?

This is the number one reason we include with Cardone U access to the Private Cardone U Connect Community.  So you don’t have to go it alone.  Where people will have your back, push you to your next level and you can find the right people to have on your team.

Study and train on Cardone U to take care of the information and knowledge part and then get connected to other like minded people who will march into battle with you, help you innovate and change the world.

Reality Checks From Grant Cardone