Poser or Player: Which one are you you?

Poser or Player: Which one are you you?

Last week we looked at the difference between Average and Successful.  Now we’re going to raise the intensity with Poser or Player.  We’ll be asking what Grant likes to call Hard Questions and confront some serious sh*t.

Poser or Player: Which are you you?

What’s the difference between a poser or a player?

Grant has an infographic for you to study and use as a checklist to figure out how and where you spend the bulk of your time.  Are you on the poser side or the player side?  And then hopefully, let’s get you thinking with how to make sure that the bulk of your time is spent on the player side more often then the poser side.  Because being a poser or a player; both of these are states of mind first, actions second and then lifestyles last.

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some ancient wisdom. Quote:

Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming…

You know you’re a Poser when:

  1. You follow the crowd
  2. You’re going for short term gratification
  3. You’ve bought into the latest trends
  4. You talk a big game

You know you’re a Player when:

  1. The crowd follows you
  2. You’re playing the long game
  3. You define your own style
  4. Play a big game

ACTION IDEA #1:  Identify where you are on this scale right now.

  • Do you lead or follow?  If everyone is going in one direction do you assume that that must be the right direction or do you pause long enough to identify exactly what’s going on and then decide on YOUR course of action.
  • Would you rather feel good in the moment or can you forsake “comfort” for freedom?  This applies to your whole life.  What does freedom mean vs comfort?
    • Do you workout, especially when you don’t want to?
    • When you don’t feel like reading or studying your craft, do you do it anyway?
    • Is what you’re doing right now getting you closer to your goals or is what you’re doing right now just a distraction from you confronting what it takes to be successful?
    • Do your habits make you feel good about yourself or not so much?
  • Fad:  an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.
    • Are you using fads to expand in your market or are you again, following the crowd?
    • Is your competitive nature positive or negative? Healthy or toxic?  Helpful or hurtful?
  • How do you feel about success?  Is there enough for everyone or is it limited?

Traits of a Poser / Traits of a Player

Have you noticed how these 4 traits are all connected and flow together?  And consequently, these traits can be like a riptide that pulls you deeper into the trait; so be very careful and also be very aware.

The advantage here is when you catch yourself being a poser, pull the fire drill technique.  Remember when we were kids and they taught us what to do if we were to ever catch on fire?  How terrifying is that anyway?  But what do you do?

Stop, Drop and Roll!

STOP being a poser.  DROP the mindset that’s allowing you to behave like a poser and then ROLL over to the player side.

ACTION IDEA #2:  Identify 3 ways you’ve been a poser and apply Stop, Drop and Roll.

See if you can find some times in your recent memory when have you’ve followed the crowd without questioning it?  Has there been a moment lately where you gave feeling good priority over your goals, morals and ethics?  Does the media (news and social) provide you with information for you to make a decision on OR are they deciding for you what you should believe?  And what does is mean to you to “play a big game”?

The Big Game

You may be thinking about where you’re at right now and wondering how to play a big game.  If you’re doing the first three, leading from the front, choosing freedom over comfort with attention on your long term targets, using fads and trends instead of being used by then, unapologetically doing you, getting criticised and picking up some hate, then you are playing a big game.  If you’re talking the talk but not walking the walk, you’re in poserland.  And what do you do when you find yourself in poserland?  Stop, Drop and Roll…

Poser or Player: Which are you you?