Why Grant Cardone Bankruptcy Will Never Happen

Why Grant Cardone Bankruptcy Will Never Happen

The Grant Cardone Bankruptcy video got a whole lot of attention back in April of this year.  So much so that people are still googling it to this day.  Whether or not this was a good idea and why the video did what it did are topics for another discussion altogether about marketing, branding and choking out your haters.

Today we’re going to look at a recent blog post of Grant’s that reveals the top seven reasons why this will never actually happen and at the same time what we can do to inoculate ourselves from financial ruin as well.  And to make sure it’s worth your time to go through this list, let me ask you:

  • Do you hold your breath every time you check your bank account balance?
  • Are you shocked when your monthly credit card statement arrives?
  • Do you think you’re earning a good salary until you see how little is left over after taxes and expenses?

If any of these questions rang true, then would it be a bad idea to look at how and why Grant Cardone bankruptcy is impossible and how you can incorporate this financial literacy into your world.

7 Reasons Grant Cardone Bankruptcy is Impossible

  1. Multiple Flows of Income
  2. Focus is on income vs saving
  3. Very strict rules for petty purchases
  4. Targets freedom over comfort
  5. Goes for abundance instead of just enough
  6. Invests in income producing assets
  7. Has an emergency fund

ACTION IDEA #1:  Run down these 7 and look sort them by your level of certainty on them.  As you can see, some of these are tangible and some are intangible.  Certain means sure, so how sure are you about each of these?  On a scale from 1-10, how certain are you about each of these 7 as it applies to your current financial condition?

ACTION IDEA #2:  What would it take to get to a 10 in each of these areas?  Come up with a plan to shift your think on the intangibles and then create the tangables.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these…

Would you consider the following:  

Before you go full on side hustle, how many different ways are there for you make money at your present job?

Grant has said for years, “you don’t have a spending problem, you have an income problem.  Most of your financial woes can get handled simply by increasing your income.

Before you buy any bullshit, can you afford to buy two without it impacting your financial security and what would happen if you re-invested this “surplus” of cash back into your own personal development of the growth of your business?

What will you do for the freedom of having indestructible wealth?  Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for your freedom?  This is literally how America was built.  It’s an American ideal.  Look at our history and hardships.  Nothing great ever happens in a comfort zone.

How would you feel if you could contribute even more to your church, a charity you support or a family member in need?  And can you do that to the degree that you’d like right now?

Do your investments pay you?  Do they cash flow?

If there was a medical emergency, loss of employment or natural disaster, do you have at least 9-12 months living expenses set aside?


As you can see, Grant’s got all 7 covered but how about you?  The first step to multiple flows and increasing your income is having a full pipeline.  You need to know how to first generate opportunity in order to maximize opportunity.  And whatever business you’re in, if it’s not growing it’s dying.  There’s no middle ground there.  If you’re seeking real freedom and to inoculate yourself from going broke, these are the 7 things you must have a firm handle on.  If not you will continue to enjoy sleepless nights of uncertainty and negative self talk.

Grant Cardone’s 10X Income System was designed to give you real solutions to all of the 7.  How to shift your think from comfort to freedom, how to put 90% of your attention on income and revenue and only 10% on saving and the bottom line.  Grant will show you how to blow up your pipeline, maximize every opportunity you create, and grow YOUR business.


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