Wanna Be or Winner? Grant Cardone asks, which one you gonna be?

Wanna Be or Winner? Grant Cardone asks, which one you gonna be?

Actions speaks louder than words. It’s what you do that matters far more than what you say.

Wanna Be or Winner

And since we’re talking about doing, let’s revisit the 4 degrees of action from The 10X Rule.  Your four choices are:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Retreat
  3. Take normal levels of action
  4. Take massive action

Now before we get into the difference between wanna be and winner, we have two things to get clear on.  Which one of the 4 degrees of action is the most dangerous?  And second thing to get clear on is what result are you looking for when you take massive action?  Tweet your answers and opinions to @DavidRBradley.

So with these 4 degrees in mind and the understanding that only massive action will get you what you want in life, know this

Whether you’re a wanna be or a winner, you’ll find you’re taking massive action on one side of each trait. 

So as we go over the qualifiers of what makes a wanna be verses a winner, look at what you’re currently taking massive action on now and start thinking with what can you do to stop retreating from the areas of being a winner that you know you already are.

What makes a wanna be?

  • Talks the talk
  • Procrastinates
  • Always showing off
  • Chasing the money

What makes a winner?

  • Walks the walk
  • Initiates
  • Nothing to prove
  • Chasing the dream

Which one you gonna be?

Now this is the third time we hammered out an either or emoji and just like the last two (Poser or Player and Average or Successful) the question will boil down to where do you spend the majority of your time.  So we don’t need to rehash that, you get that.  Today let’s look at what degree of  action are you in when it comes to these 4 spectrums.

Remember, You’re either doing nothing, in retreat, at normal levels of action or it’s massive action.  Let’s do the scale from 1-10 thing.  10 being you’re taking massive action on the WINNER side of the spectrum and 1 being you’re taking massive action on the WANNA BE side of the spectrum.  Be brutally honest with your self on these.

  • Chasing the dream or chasing the money?
  • Nothing to prove or always showing off?
  • Initiating or procrastinating?
  • Walking the walk or just talking?

Which one you gonna be now?

The conclusion to the 1-10 thing is always, what’s it gonna take to get to a 10?  So I ask you…  Hell I ask myself, what’s it gonna take to get to a 10?

When you get into a sales situation are you coming from a place of service or just looking to get paid?  Are your goals about making an impact for the better on planet earth or only about you having nice stuff?  How confident are you in your ability?  Google “Ryan Hall Pizza Restaurant” to see the difference between nothing to prove and showing off.  And from there it’s very easy to transition into having an understanding as to why you’re not initiating more and why we find ourselves not walking the walk.

Wanna Be or Winner?  How to be a Winner in 3 Steps:

  1. Start and end your day writing out your goals and dreams and revisit them anytime you experience a setback or start getting down on yourself.
  2. Skill up.  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  PRACTICE.  Practice harder than you play.  Study and train daily.  On the days you show up to work without having studied and practiced your craft, you’re a wanna be.  Find me one professional anything who doesn’t and I’ll show you an amateur disguised as a professional
  3. Go first.  The #1 Rule of Success is SHOW UP.  Don’t wait, initiate.  Are you going to be the cause or the effect.

Here’s how we’ll wrap this up with a the punch in the nose truth of a horse pill you need to swallow in order to get on the right side of the wannabe winner spectrum…

Ain’t nothing happening to you, it’s happening because of you.  Once you take that responsibility point, you can change your life.

-Grant Cardone

[drops the mic]

Wanna Be or Winner