OBSESSED:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

OBSESSED:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom


You can be this or you can be average.  Your choice really….

OBSESSED:  The Wednesday Word

The WORD: Obsessed (is it a noun, verb or adjective?)


DEFINITION of Obsessed:

preoccupied with or haunted by some idea, interest, etc.

:being in a state of obsession

  • This was because on vacations my father was a man obsessed.
  • Gatsby the obsessed lover, erecting an empire and stringing it with lights to impress a girl …
  • She was at once obsessed with being a good person
  • But it seems we’re becoming so obsessed with healthy eating, we are embarking on up to three different diets a year.
  • a sports-obsessed teenager

ETYMOLOGY of Obsessed:

1510s, “action of besieging” (a sense now obsolete), from Middle French obsession and directly from Latin obsessionem (nominative obsessio) “siege, blockade, a blocking up,” noun of action from past-participle stem of obsidere “to besiege” (see obsess). Later (c. 1600), “hostile action of an evil spirit” (like possession but without the spirit actually inhabiting the body). Transferred sense of “action of anything which engrosses the mind” is from 1670s. Psychological sense “idea or image that intrudes on the mind of a person against his will” is from 1901.

Obsessed:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

GC article from Forbes:

Obsession is the fuel that gives you a can’t-quit, won’t-quit, accelerator-to-the-floor monster ambition inside of you and it grows as you grow regardless of your age. In fact, the older I get and the more success I experience the more obsessed I become with the reality I can create. As you embrace your obsessions and deny average your potential will continue to be revealed to you. This is what keeps people motivated and creating. It is not money or awards but possibilities. Becoming satisfied with what you have done only means someone in your life has convinced you to settle for average. The average are threatened by the obsessed thus they spend their time trying to stop the obsessed from being obsessed, as they try to make sense of when they traded their obsessions in for average.”

And here’s 9 things you can work on immediately to handle and increase your level of obsession.

  1.  Embrace the fact that you are responsible for your own success.
  2. Figure out your purpose and tie it to your obsessions.
  3. Feed your obsessions and starve your doubts.
  4. Dominate every sector of your life.
  5. Make SALES your top priority.
  6. Be Dangerous.
  7. Hire the best and get them obsessed.
  8. Take Control.
  9. Refuse to quit.