Why you should never give up on unsold clients

Great Salespeople Never Give Up On Unsold Clients

Great Salespeople Never Give Up On Unsold Clients

Be absolutely 100% certain and convinced that your unsold client will one day become a client.

This will take work on your end.  It’s not easy, it’s difficult.

What is easy, is giving up.  It’s easy to convince yourself that a lost sale is lost.  That they’ll never become a client.  But that’s not what the GREATS do.

Great Salespeople Never Give Up On Unsold Clients

If you can make this transition and then start to think in the same way as the GREATS do, you will learn to consider the “lost” sale not as something lost, but as something that has simply not paid off yet.

You will continue to follow up, continue to persist and insist.  Investing time into a lost deal almost seems self sabotaging.  It’s difficult to do…  but so is being GREAT.  That’s difficult too.

So why do this?  What’s the upside here?  To never give up on a unsold client is the very thing that will separate you in the marketplace.  When you remain professional, committed, and of service through thick and thin you will see returns on your investment in the form of future business and referrals.

Who does this?  Only the GREATS.  And the GREATS are rare.  The question now is, how to make that shift?  How to start thinking as the GREATS do and to see all lost sales as continued opportunity.  Remember as Grant says,

“There is no failure until you quit.”

Stay sold on you, your company and your product.  You have to make these three sales everyday.  Why do you think Muhammed Ali consistently said, “I am the greatest!”  He was selling himself and stating his intention.   Daily, hourly, minute-by-minute.  The GREATS do this.  So must you if you are to become GREAT.

If you need the fuel to stay in it, dig into Grant’s books again.  Grant’s books will fuel the fires of GREATNESS for you to get GREAT, stay GREAT and have the certainty and conviction to never give up on an unsold client.

All of this material is also found inside Cardone On Demand and Cardone University.  If you’re looking to be GREAT and separate yourself in the marketplace, these programs are your solution.