Investing In Failure

Invest in failureGreat Salespeople Do Not View Failed Sales As Lost Sales

When you lose a deal how do you perceive it?  Do you write it off as just failure?  Let me ask you this now, what do you think the GREATS do?

The GREATS see a failed sale or a lost sale as an investment in their future.  Which statement is better for you?  What’s the difference between these two?

  1. I made 4 sales and made this much money
  2. I made 40 calls and made this much money

What can you do starting today to start seeing the other 36 as part of your success, as part of creating your future and as part of building your business?

Great Salespeople Do Not View Failed Sales As Lost Sales

What can you do starting today to shift your think to seeing all deals (the ones you make and the ones you don’t) and all opportunities as part of the process and part of your pipeline?

This is what Investing in Failure Looks Like:

Keep this in mind, EVERY customer pays you!

Use this knowledge to stay focused on your big picture and that you’re investing in failure.  Look, nobody likes to lose a deal but when you become fully aware that every deal, the ones you make and the ones you don’t all contribute to your income and success, failure becomes an investment.

Ask yourself, what would it be worth if you could calculate and know what every opportunity is actually worth, what if you could put a dollar amount on it?  What if every phone call is worth something and every appointment has value?  How much more motivated would you be when you understood the value of missed opportunity?

In Grant’s Millions On The Phone webinar Grant gives you three formulas to help you invest in failure.  One is a call calculation worksheet that you can use to determine how many opportunities you need to get in front of to create your desired income, another is a formula to calculate the value of each opportunity and the third is how to ritualize your day to maximize time and activity.

I want you to keep something in mind for me.  Just because the title is Millions On Phone, doesn’t mean these formulas don’t apply to all sales opportunities.  This webinar will be worth millions to you.  It is an incredible way to learn and understand the value behind investing in failure.