How To Motivate Your Sales Team

How To Motivate Your Sales Team

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your salespeople aren’t nearly as motivated as you are?  Maybe you’re already starting to think you don’t have the right people.  Why aren’t you people right? Why aren’t they on board with you?  They know the mission, you know the mission, we all know
the mission but they certainly aren’t acting like it.


So after over almost 35 years of study, practice application and training Grant Cardone has unlocked…  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a secret because it’s pretty practical when you think about it but there’s a way to do this. If you’re looking to motivate your sales team, good news…

There IS a way to get your salespeople motivated

And I’m gonna give it to you right now and I’m gonna give it to you for free right here.  This is the order of motivation
  1. Information
  2. Knowledge (not the same as information at all)
  3. Confidence
  4. Certainty
  5. Motivation

Step one =  Information

Your salespeople, they need information (now stay with me on this don’t bounce, stick around and OK?)  The first thing we need to do is we need to get them information.  Do you salespeople have the information they need to be motivated?  What information to they need?  It’s more than just product information.  They also need information about how to prospect, sell, close, follow up and function on the phones and internet.  They will not do the right things because they don’t have any information.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Second thing = Knowledge

Second thing we need to do is, we need to make sure that they know the information.  Just because you have information does not mean you have knowledge.  Knowledge comes from experience.  Knowledge comes from practice.

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How many of your salespeople have you given them all the information to be successful, yet they’re still not succeeding?  For example, I have all the information I need to fight in the UFC but I don’t know anything about fighting in the UFC because I don’t practice MMA.  And if I got into the ring with just the information I’m gonna get my butt kicked.  This is the same challenge for your salespeople.  They’ve been given all the information, but do they know it?   If they’re not winning like you know they should, then probably not.

Now how do you truly get knowledge?

Well they can learn from experience which means they’re practicing on your customers or you guys can start working it out in daily sales meetings and daily training sessions that are short impactful and a hard target one very specific skill set.
Motivate Your Sales Team
So think about your sales team as a group.  What’s one thing you need them better at right now?  Whatever that is, that’s what you should hard-target.  That is what you should focus on in practice.  This is how they get knowledge.  Because they then take that knowledge into the real world and they apply what they practiced out on.
I mean, look, is there a pitcher in any league from Little League all the way up to the Majors that doesn’t warm up his arm before he takes the mound?  Of course not!  And then anybody that’s stepping up to the plate, they practice their swing…
Every single day at the start of a shift do a little bit of something to take the information you’ve given them so they can practice it and have some real knowledge.   Then they will start knowing what they’re doing.

Step Three = Confidence

When they know what they’re doing they have confidence.  Now if you break that word up, confidence…   Confident.  Con means with.  Fidi is trust.  So when they do that, they have trust in themselves and their ability to do it.   So when they have confidence what happens?

Step Four = Certainty

When they have confidence, their certainty goes up.  In fact it goes through the roof!   And when you’re certain about what you’re doing you are way more motivated to do it, right?  If you think about a game you don’t know how to play, you’re not that motivated to play it but when you are very, very good at that game you love playing it because typically you win.
Let’s break down the order again.   We need to give our salespeople the right information, we need to help them get the knowledge, so that they know what they’re doing.   Knowledge comes from experience.  You can create experience and you can have experience.  We should be doing both.  That means role-play and practical/real life with an actual customer.
Then that gives us confidence because we start winning.  When our confidence goes up we have
certainty in what we’re doing.

That’s what it takes.  That’s the “how to motivate your sales team.”

Now it’s time for the call to action part!  We have a tool that we have built specifically to motivate your people by transferring skill.   We want to give you some free access to it.  How about seven days free access so that you can actually start practicing out giving your people the right information, giving them the knowledge they need to be more successful, boosting their level of confidence and seeing their certainty go through the roof.

That is exactly how you get a sales person motivated and were gonna give you seven days to practice this formula with your team in real time.  Go get some results.  When you start winning with it then we can have a conversation about being a partner…

How To Motivate Your Sales Team?

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