Your MASSIVE personal network

3 steps to a MASSIVE personal network

MEMO FROM YOUR UNCLE G:  A good connection makes all the difference.  The same is true in your career with your personal network.

I was reminded of this recently on a fishing trip with a couple guys from my team. Once we reached a certain point the Captain had the crew set out 8 rods into the water…  I didn’t really understand this because there were only 3 of us fishing (I had never been deep sea fishing before).

When I asked the Captain why there were so many lines in the water he replied,

“Cuz I wanna catch something today. If I had 10 rigs, I’d put 10 in the water”

It was such a great reminder of how having a strong network is like a line in the water. The more lines, the more connections, the better your chances are of something good happening.

Networking is a must for anyone working to improve themselves, grow their empire and expand their business. Not only does a strong network provide you with support along the way, but it can also provide you with the ability to leverage relationships and connections of others rather than relying on yours alone.

Want to know the hardest part about building a network?  GETTING STARTED!!!

Here are 3 ways that you can get started building a massive personal network:

1.) Take an inventory of your existing relationships:  Most of your relationships will fall into 2 categories – People that have good things going on for themselves, and people that just flat out DON’T.  People trying to make things happen are typically the ones that make stuff happen.  Keep your highly productive connections close, make time to reach out and connect to continue growing and developing the relationship.

2.) Always look for ways to add value to your connections: A strong network is like a 2 way street where both parties get value from the relationship. Always be looking for opportunities to leave a “one-way” deposit to add value.  Become a person that can be trusted and relied upon to the people you are connected to.  Always exchange with them in abundance.

3.) Focus on adding the RIGHT people:  You need to look for like-minded people to add to your network. If you are a product of your environment, your personal network is like your oxygen. Remove toxic people from your network, they will act like anchors on your path to success.

I grew up in a small town in Louisiana.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until I started traveling around and meeting new people that I started building a substantial network of connections.

If you are anything like I was…

There weren’t a whole lot of people in my small town trying to do BIG things, so I had to move on.

Now maybe you are not in a position to move away from your hometown, and I am not saying that you need to do that.  What you need to do is look for ways to get connected with people looking to do BIG things.

That was one of the reasons I created the 10X Growth Conference. I wanted to create an opportunity for people like me who always struggled to network in a town where I could not find people looking to connect or do MASSIVE things.

This year the 10X Growth Conference will have more networking opportunities than ever. Not only will this event be LOADED with cutting edge content, but I am creating some of the best networking opportunities for success minded people in the country!

Stop wasting time looking for a needle in the haystack and instead start working smarter by getting connected to the RIGHT people.

Tickets for 10X Growth Conference 4 are already on sale…

massive personal network