How to Stay on Track in 2021

How to Stay on Track in 2021

You’re wondering how to stay on track in 2021.  In previous years the intentions were good but…  How come by early March most gyms are ghost towns?  How is it that we go hard into the new year but then lose steam and momentum just after slipping into Q2 and then settle for just another year?

Aren’t we all guilty of this to some degree?  2021 doesn’t have to be a repeat of 2020, 2019 or any year that we gassed out.

How to Stay on Track in 2021

How can we keep our energy high all year?  What can we do to start strong and then stay strong?  How do we feel motivated every day, week, and month so we’re producing results that will lead us to accomplishing all our goals.  There are steps that we can take to make sure that we stay on our success path all year long.

1. Get Rid Of The Shortage Mentality 

This is something I’m still working on.  If you don’t lose your shortage mentality, you will feel guilty for pushing for more in life.  Anytime there is has been a shortage of money, the government just prints more of it anyway, so, it’s not a matter of not being able to make a dollar; because that’s illegal, it comes with a $5,000 dollar fine and up to 15 years in federal prison per offense!

[ACTION IDEA:  What do you need to unlearn?  What kind of false data do you have about the abundance of money that you need to correct?  Take a sheet of paper and split it into two columns.  Make a list of all the bullsh*t you’ve been taught about money being in short supply and who’s entitled to it.  Put that in the first column and then in the second column, put in a new, more abundant and correct way of seeing the world.]

2. Never Compromise On What You Truly Want 

Nobody fantasizes about just having their basic needs met—or about having “enough.” Why? Because having “enough” is settling.  It’s really just a compromise.  Is it possible that people who have stopped pushing for more have compromised on what they truly want by comparing themselves to others?  To give themselves some idea of “enough,” they look at what others have or don’t have. If you want to live an abundant life, don’t compromise.

[ACTION IDEA:  Call yourself out right now.  When have you compromised or settled and used someone else’s either better or worse condition to make since of it?  Grant says the only thing you should ever compare yourself to is your full potential.  Can you make that commitment in 2021?  To have the self-awareness to recognize when you’re settling for less than you’re capable, reconnect to your full potential and continue to strive for that level of action and thinking?  This one thing alone could change your entire life for the batter.]

3. Get Disciplined 

Since you’ve decided to push for more in life and no matter how strong you feel about it, you’ll need to get your discipline in check.  There will be no getting around this one.  If your thinking and behavior matches what the other 99% do, you’ll never have what the 1% have.  Their thinking and level of action is on a completely different level.  To the degree to which you advance will only be limited by the amount of time and action you invest.

Time X Actions = Measure of Advancement

[ACTION IDEA:  When was the last time you itemized and inventoried the last 72 hours of your life?  Open an Excel sheet and fill in the last 72 hours.  Hour by hour.  In a very short period of time you will know where your priorities are, what’s important to you in reality and how much time you’re spending vs investing.  Once you know how much of your time is spent on successful actions, you can then adjust accordingly so that more time is spent on the right things.]

4. Commit to your Success

Success first and foremost is a decision.  It’s also as much a verb as it is a noun.  Once you make a decision to approach success as a duty, obligation, and responsibility, it will impact your thinking and daily activity.  From the decision, then comes the commitment.  You have to commit to it.  Treating success as an option is one of the major reasons why more people don’t create success for themselves and it is also why most people don’t even get close to living up to their full potential. And since we’re talking about hot to stay on track in 2021, you should be making this commitment every day.  Commitment is key to success.

[ACTION IDEA:  What needs to go?  What will you give up?  What actual sacrifices will you make? Grant teaches that you’re going to have to do the things you don’t want to do in order to have the things you do want to have.  And if that means showing up early, staying late, making extra phone calls, working on your days off, etc…  What will you be letting go of?  Thought patterns, behaviors, actions, alleged friends, news media…?  It’s time to release yourself of everything that YOU allow to hold you back.  The challenge is, some of that stuff is quite comforting.  But no real growth ever happened in a comfort zone.]

5. Take Action

Start operating at higher levels of action so that you can achieve the thing that you want in 2021 in a shorter time frame. What would the rest of 2021 look like if you hit your 2021 target on June 30th?  With a solid routine, accountability coach, and consistency it will become almost second nature to continue because you will be winning. Victory creates its own momentum. It’s easier and comes more naturally to continue taking massive actions when you are winning—and winning is only possible with massive actions.

[BOTTOM LINE:  You are fully capable of creating the life you want, getting the things you’ve dreamed about, and achieving wealth in all aspects of your life.]

How to Stay on Track in 2021