How to keep negotiations alive

How to keep negotiations alive

How to keep negotiations alive

How to keep negotiations alive:  The great salespeople are like magicians, keeping negotiations alive when other would let them die.  They are unbelievable at this skill and are able to keep negotiations alive when others would just give up and move on.

The GREATS know how to agree.

Remember the #1 Rule of Selling from Sell Or Be Sold?  The GREATS know how to make sure the deal works for everyone.  The GREATS understand win/win and are superb at communication.  They can stay in the present and the future.  They know how to keep things moving in the direction of the deal EVEN when it gets uncomfortable.  The GREATS keep it light and fluid when everything starts getting all serious and awkward.  When that happens the GREATS come in positive, up tone and keep it light and fluid.

How does one keep negotiations alive?

Well, first thing Grant says is you got to commit.  Then you got to practice, roll play, rehearse and get a full arsenal of content to do so.  Whether that content comes from Closer’s Survival Guide, Cardone University or Cardone On Demand, you need a lot of ammo to stay alive in the negotiations.  You need enough juice to stay liquid and fluid AND to stay in positive communication.  Good news is this is a skill – NOT a talent.

CHALLENGE:  This week, practice staying positive in uncomfortable situations.  Roll play this every day with a partner and watch the magic happen!  Then tell us your success story!