How to build a business

How to build a business

Great Salespeople don’t think in terms of making a sale, but in making a business

Great salespeople are not interested in making just one sale.

The great salespeople are thinking about how to build a business.  The ultra great don’t even think of themselves as “salespeople” they think of themselves as business people.

“One sale can feed you today, but it’s a business you want to build.”  Grant says.

The GREATS know this and are constantly looking at how to build a business.

Of course you want to be highly interested in that one sale, but the GREATS are also highly interested in how to build a business.  The GREATS are consistent with building the relationship with the client, having an open door policy with the client and having a real connection.

GREAT salespeople know that real success depends on building long term relationships that they nurture and protect like family.

GREAT salespeople invest time and energy into every sold customer with the intention to build a business and not just make a sale.

How to build a business EXERCISE:

This week focus on how to build your business.  What can you do today to build on your relationships with your current clients?  Do all you clients know you have an open door policy?  Do you even have one?  If not, now is the time!  What can you do this week to have a strong connection with your prospects and clients?  How do you protect your clients?  Do something this week to make your clients feel like family.

BE GREAT!  Because nothing else pays!

The road to greatness starts with knowledge.  In 2017, Grant put The 10X Growth Con together to do just that.  Building your business means have knowledge and skill with sales, marketing and planning.  If you have not tapped that resource, you might be missing out on the one idea that will give you the right answer to become one of the GREATS.