How to become a master salesperson

How to become a master salesperson

Is it fair to say that becoming a master at any skill set requires practice?  Is it also fair to say that selling is a skill?  Lastly, would you agree that as a skill, even sales proficiency, forget mastery for a second, would demand practice?  So, that means if we want to become a master salesperson, we must practice.

Let’s look at the two definitions of the word, practice.  The first is for practice is used as a noun:  “repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.”  The second is for practice as a verb:  “perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency.

There are three key words popping out here.  Repeated, regularly and proficiency.  The video above will show how practice is “is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence.”  The video also will show you how the brain interprets the practice and restructures the brain to make it stick.

The first question to become a master salesperson

So the first question you want to ask to become a master salesperson is:  What am I currently practicing on now?  If you’re a manager or in a leadership position, the same question applies.  What are my salespeople and management team practicing now?  Are they only practicing on live customers?

The second question to become a master salesperson

Who are you learning from?  Managers, who do you want your salespeople learning from?  Because if you’re not training your people then that means there are 3 other groups training your people. The media, your customers and fellow salespeople.  Salespeople need content and material that will allow them to practice and learn to become a master salesperson in an environment where they’re not just learning from experience.  We’re all learning daily no matter what. We’re all making decisions based on experience and what is being communicated.  Wouldn’t you like to have some skin in that game?  Would it be more cost effective to have some skin in that game?

The third question to become a master salesperson

Now that we know the what and who, how becomes the next question.  You don’t want to regularly repeat the wrong behavior.  Actually, for many of us, we’re already regularly and repeatedly practicing the wrong behaviors.  Look, people shop and buy differently now, why are we following systems that are outdated and conceived before seat belts were mandatory and Al Gore invented the internet?

How we practice is as important as what we practice and with whom.  We want out practice to be effective

Effective practice to become a master salesperson

  1. Must be consistent
  2. Must be intensely focused
  3. Targets content or weakness that lie at the edge of one’s current abilities

Tips to get the most of your practice

  1. Focus on the task at hand
  2. Eliminate all distractions
  3. Start slowly and then build up speed  “Coordination is build through repetition, whether correct or incorrect.”
  4. Break your practice up into multiple short bursts rather than trying to cram it all in
  5. Practice in your brain as well with vivid visualization.

Become A Master Salesperson

Wrapping this all up with a call to action.  If you took this information into your sales training, what type of production increase could you expect?  What would it be worth to you and/or your sales team to have technology available to you that makes the process of practicing to become a master salesperson simple and easy?  Cardone University is that technology.  Cardone University is the perfect tool for any one who wants to become a master salesperson.  You will be able to engage in a consistent program that will enable you to intensely focus on and target the content or weakness that lie at the edge of your current abilities.  We have created a training process that circles around these principles that can generate for you a 15-30% increase in production in 90 days or less.

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