Grant Cardone Saturday Morning Sales Meeting

Grant Cardone Saturday Morning Sales Meeting via CBT News

In this Grant Cardone Saturday morning sales meeting, Grant asks how will you prepare for a busy Saturday?  You have to get ready.  You have to maximize every opportunity available to you.

Saturday needs to be about closing deals and Grant’s going to give you some short tips to make sure that you have a strong Saturday and go home that night with your head held high.

Grant Cardone Saturday Morning Sales Meeting Tips:

  • Tip One:  Set some big juicy goals!  Raise your target, be unreasonable and unrealistic.  This will guarantee you do more.
  • Tip Two:  Treat everyone like a millionaire.  Credit, no credit, bad credit.  Treat everyone like a millionaire and see what happens.  Treat them like they have more money than they actually have and they’ll spend more money.  Treat them like they can and they will.   Help them solve a problem and they will want to do business with you.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.
  • Tip Three:  Turn every customer to a manager.   Don’t let management off the hook on this one.  A second face may just be what’s needed to get you that extra deal.  Maximize every opportunity and turn every customer.   [NOTE TO MANAGERS:  Beat your people to the punch and introduce yourself early in the deal, within the first 5 minutes if you can.]
  • Tip Four:  Get EXCITED!  See the close before it happens.  See them taking delivery regardless of what they tell you in the beginning.  You have to see it before they do.  Your attitude is the make/break point everything.
  • Tip Five:  Be deaf to any negativity around you.  Stay away from it at all costs. People will pay more for an exceptional, positive attitude than they would otherwise.   Stand out with your positive attitude!

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Grant Cardone Saturday Morning Sales Meeting Success