The real reason Grant Cardone isn’t for everyone

The real reason Grant Cardone isn't for everyone

The real reason Grant Cardone isn’t for everyone

Seriously, what’s not to love about this guy?  Let’s just cut to the chase and cut out the BS.  The real reason Grant Cardone isn’t for everyone is because he’ll say the truth and he says what’s on his mind.

Grant is 100% willing to confront.  Are you?  In your life right now, do you look at the hard truths and face it head on or do you run from you reality?

FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  I’m not filtered.  I say certain things that maybe aren’t politically correct.  My wife Elena tells me the reason some women don’t like my brand is because I sound like I don’t filter anything.

But I’m honest with others because I’m honest with myself.

Let me explain.  Being honest with yourself is where all success starts.  I’ve got to get honest with me before I get honest with the rest of the world.  I hear people every day say, “Ah, I don’t have enough time.” Really?  How many hours are in a week?  These people reply, “Ah, I don’t know.”  Dude, you’re not even being honest with yourself.  The first thing you’re saying is I don’t have enough time. But you don’t even know the calculation yet!  You’ve got plenty of time.  You’re not doing anything with it.

GET HONEST!!!  If you are late, don’t blame it on the traffic.  You’re late because you didn’t leave soon enough.  Be honest with yourself first and then being honest with other people is going to be simple.

You can’t be motivated if you’re not honest with yourself.

I am dealing with me every day.  You’re dealing with you every day.  So the first thing that you and I must do to stay motivated is to get completely honest with ourselves.

  • What’s our potential?
  • What are we capable of?
  • How much can we do?
  • What am I capable of doing in 15 minutes?
  • How many phone calls can I make?
  • How much of what I fear is actually what I am not willing to do?
  • What are the things that I need to do that would actually make me bigger, better, stronger, and more capable of providing for myself, my family, and my business?

We all have our own little honesty meter that calls us out on our own dishonesty.  It’s that little pang we get when we hit the snooze instead of waking up to exercise.  You know when you are not being honest with yourself, where you aren’t living up to your own standards, and it affects your motivation…

Grant Cardone isn't for everyone