4 Tips to Get More Business During Summer

Get More Business

4 Tips to Get More Business During Summer

Many businesses see a big drop during the summer.  Stack on social distancing and all of that and you have a massive opportunity for excuse making.  But you don’t have to use the season or COVID or anything as an excuse for why business is slow.  Grant Cardone’s got a few tips for you…

get more business

TIP ONE:  Make a firm decision not to participate in a slowdown.

Just because everyone else is doesn’t mean you have to as well.  Don’t allow yourself or your employees to buy into this thinking because I assure you that they will make a summer slowdown one of the first excuses if there are any issues with their job performance.  Hold a daily meeting to discuss what you are going to do to expand and prosper–not contract—this summer.

TIP TWO:  Work your power base.

Get more business by getting out in front of the summer slowdown and let your best customers know you’ll be available all summer. Target anyone who has bought from you in the past, starting with the last 90 days and go back 3 years if you need to.  Communicate through direct mail, phone calls, emails or social media.

TIP THREE:  Offer a value-added proposition to avoid discounting price.

You will probably need to make even more profit from each sale to compensate for any decreased  volume.  So, figure out creative ways to repackage your products or services to provide something extra, such as a special summer-themed promotion.  Add value before offering a lower price.

TIP FOUR:  Service is senior to selling and needs to be top of mind.

Service should be a year-round commitment, of course, but it is even more important during a summer slowdown when your competitors go into that “summertime and the living is easy” mode and take their eye off the ball.  Show that you are motivated to make things happen quickly and empower employees to accommodate special requests.

**BONUS TIP: Train and study.

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