FIGHT:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

FIGHT:  The Wednesday Word #WednesdayWisdom

WORD: Fight (verb)

What could this word possibly have to do with success?  You may already have an answer to this and there’s a question at the end that regardless of your answer you have know fully and without hesitation and completely.

FORCE:  The Wednesday Word


  • take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons.
  • engage in (a war or battle).
  • quarrel or argue.
  • struggle to put out (a fire, especially a large one).
  • endeavor vigorously to win (an election or other contest).
  • campaign determinedly for or against something, especially to put right what one considers unfair or unjust.
  • struggle or campaign against (something).
  • attempt to repress (a feeling or an expression of a feeling).
  • take part in a boxing match against (an opponent).
  • move forward with difficulty, especially by pushing through a crowd or overcoming physical obstacles.
  • command, manage, or maneuver (troops, a ship, or military equipment) in battle.

(used in a sentence x 3-10) 

  • “the men were fighting”
  • “she didn’t want to fight with her mother all the time”
  • “two fire trucks raced to the scene to fight the blaze”
  • “the pilot program is a step forward in fighting corporate crime”
  • “I will fight for more equitable laws”
  • “she had to fight back tears of frustration”
  • “she watched him fight his way across the room”


Old English feohtan “to combat, contend with weapons, strive; attack; gain by fighting, win” (intransitive; class III strong verb; past tense feaht, past participle fohten), from Proto-Germanic *fe(u)hta (source also of Old High German fehtan, German fechten, Middle Dutch and Dutch vechten, Old Frisian fiuhta “to fight”), probably from PIE *pek- (2) “to comb, to pluck out” wool or hair (source also of Lithuanian pėšti”to pluck,” Greek pekein “to comb, shear,” pekos “fleece, wool;” Persian pashm “wool, down,” Latin pectere “to comb,” Sanskrit paksman- “eyebrows, hair”). Apparently the notion is “pulling roughly,” or “to tear out one another’s hair.” But perhaps it is from the source of Latin pugnus “fist.”

Fight:  The Wednesday Word ACTION IDEAS:

Yeah so….  Are you?  Fighting?  And for what?  Why?  Why are you fighting?  Or more importantly, if you’re not, why not?  C’mon, get in the fight!